Toshiba original UK English keyboard - UE2010P01KB-UK

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Toshiba original UK English keyboard - UE2010P01KB-UK

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Toshiba original keyboard - UK English

Part numbers: UE2010P01

Condition: Brand new (not used or refurbished)

Warranty: 90 days

Compatible with the following products:

Toshiba Portege 7140 Series

  • PP714E-31902-FR, PP714E-31902-GR, PP714E-3190C-FR, PP714E-3190C-GR, PP714E-3190E-FR, PP714E-3190E-GR, PP714U-T2W5, PP714U-T2W8

Toshiba Portege 7200 Series

  • PP720C-6D90N, PP720E-6390L-FR, PP720E-6390L-GR, PP720E-6390U-FR, PP720E-6390U-GR, PP720E-6390W-FR, PP720L-6D904, PP720U-6D90L, PP720U-6D90Q, PP720U-6D90U, PP720U-GD90N, PP720U-GD90QB, PP720U-GD90W

Toshiba Portege 7220 Series

  • PP722C-HD90N, PP722E-H390L-FR, PP722E-H390L-GR, PP722E-H390W-EN, PP722E-H390W-FR, PP722E-H390W-GR, PP722E-H390W-NL, PP722U-7D90N, PP722U-7D90Q, PP722U-7D90W

Toshiba Satellite 1800 / 1805 Series

  • 1800-S203 (PS181U-00CFC2E, PS181U-00CFC2E1, PS181U-00CFC2E7, PS181U-00CFC2EZ, PS181U-00CFC2GC)
  • 1800-S204 (PS183U-00KP07, PS183U-00KP07X2)
  • 1800-S207 (PS183U-00VFS7, PS183U-00VFSPNC, PS183U-00VFV7)
  • 1800-S253 (PS181U-00WZY2E, PS181U-00WZY2E3, PS181U-00WZY2EB)
  • 1800-S254 (PS183U-00C507, PS183U-00C507X2, PS183U-00C50PNC)
  • 1800-S256 (PS183U-00C503)
  • 1800-S274 (PS183U-00JRS7, PS183U-00JRSPNC)
  • 1805-S154 (PS183U-003HUX)
  • 1805-S177 (PS183U-00VF0X, PS183U-00VF0XZ)
  • 1805-S203 (PS181U-00CFCHE, PS181U-00CFCHEB, PS181U-00CFCHEZ, PS181U-00CFCRNC)
  • 1805-S204 (PS183U-00KP0X, PS183U-00KP0XZ)
  • 1805-S207 (PS183U-00VFSX, PS183U-00VFSXZ)
  • 1805-S253 (PS181U-00WZYHE, PS181U-00WZYHEB)
  • 1805-S254 (PS183U-00C50X, PS183U-00C50XZ)
  • 1805-S273 (PS181U-0301MHE, PS181U-0301MHEB)
  • 1805-S274 (PS183U-00JRSX)
  • PS181C-00CET, PS181C-00WZX, PS181U-00CFUHE, PS181U-00CFUHEZ, PS181U-00WJQ0E, PS181U-00WZ00D, PS183C-001PK, PS183C-004K1, PS183C-00HV9, PS183C-00HV9P, PS183C-00VF1, PS183C-00VF1P, PS183U-00WKSXZ

Toshiba Satellite 2210 Series

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Toshiba Satellite 2230 Series

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Toshiba Satellite 2250 Series

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Toshiba Satellite 2610 / 2615 Series

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Toshiba Satellite 2655 Series

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Toshiba Satellite 2675 Series

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Toshiba Satellite 2715 Series

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Toshiba Satellite 2750 / 2755 Series

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Toshiba Satellite 2775 Series

  • PS277U-6M9J0K

Toshiba Satellite 2800 / 2805 Series

  • 2800-S201 (PS280U-8G5L06)
  • 2800-S202 (PS280U-0013N8)
  • 2805-S201 (PS280U-8G5L0H, PS280U-8G5L0HB)
  • 2805-S202 (PS280U-0013NH, PS280U-0013NHB, PS280U-0013NRNC)
  • 2805-S301 (PS280U-ELCL0H)
  • 2805-S302 (PS280U-00179H, PS280U-00179HB)
  • 2805-S401 (PS280U-FQQL0H)
  • 2805-S402 (PS285U-000FJH)
  • 2805-S503 (PS287U-0003YHE)
  • 2805-S603 (PS287U-000TJHD)
  • PS280C-00006, PS280C-000HP, PS280C-8G5C3, PS280C-ELCL3, PS287C-00073

Toshiba Satellite Pro 4260 Series

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Toshiba Satellite Pro 4270 Series

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Toshiba Satellite Pro 4280 Series

  • PS428E-0D152-FR, PS428E-0D156-EN, PS428E-0E152-GR, PS428E-0E155-GR, PS428E-0E156-GR, PS428U-0N1570, PS428U-0Q1538, PS428U-0Q1570

Toshiba Satellite Pro 4320 Series

  • PS432C 3N152, PS432C 3N156, PS432C-3N152, PS432C-3N156, PS432E-0E152-GR, PS432E-0E156-GR, PS432E-3N156-GR, PS432U-0L1538, PS432U-0L1560

Toshiba Satellite Pro 4330 Series

  • PS433C-2N152

Toshiba Satellite Pro 4340 Series

  • PS434C 3N156, PS434C-3N152, PS434C-3N156, PS434E-0E352-GR, PS434E-0E356-GR, PS434U-3N1538, PS434U-3N1560

Toshiba Satellite Pro 4360 Series

  • PS436C-2N153, PS436E-3N152-GR, PS436E-3N156-GR, PS436U-3Q1538, PS436U-3Q1560

Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600 Series

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Toshiba Tecra 8100 Series

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Toshiba Tecra 8200 Series

  • PT820C-01EQP, PT820C-01EQT, PT820C-02N2P, PT820C-02N2T, PT820C-0C0H5, PT820C-0C0H9, PT820U-019JU0, PT820U-019JU1, PT820U-019JU8, PT820U-019TU0, PT820U-019TU1, PT820U-019TU8, PT820U-019VC0, PT820U-01C4C0, PT820U-01ECU1, PT820U-01ECU8, PT820U-01EMU1, PT820U-01EMU8, PT820U-01ENY8, PT820U-029VU1, PT820U-029VU8, PT820U-029ZY8, PT820U-02C4U1, PT820U-02C4U8, PT820U-037EU1, PT820U-037EU8, PT820U-037JY8, PT820U-037PG1, PT820U-037PU1, PT820U-037PU8, PT820U-03KPC1, PT820U-05WMU0, PT820U-05WQG1, PT820U-05WSC0, PT820U-05X5U1, PT820U-05X5U8, PT820U-05XCC1, PT820U-05XCC8, PT820U-0EX1U1

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Toshiba original UK English keyboard - UE2010P01KB-UK

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