Toshiba original RAM module - TS48780

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Toshiba original RAM module - TS48780

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Toshiba original RAM memory module

● Install more memory to improve performance and run more applications simultaneously!

● Errors? Blue stop screens? Your memory could be bad. Replace it with this brand new genuine part!

Description: MEMORY DDR3 1600 4GB, MTN RAM(4GB)DDR3L SAM BOI SP, G4BC00025524, MEMORY DDR3-1600 4GB, DDR3, 1600, 4GB, Samsung M471B5173QH0-YK0, G4BC00025524

Condition: Brand new (not used or refurbished)

Warranty: 90 days

C55-B5350, PSCLGC-00C00P, PSK8GU-01T00E, PSKFUU-04300H, PX35t-A2306, PSCHWU-00H00G, L855-S5375, S855-S5377N, S855-S5254, PSCF6U-0GF08T, PSKF6U-00V007, E55-A5114, PSKG2U-07F004, PSCF6U-08F012, PSCHWU-00902D, C855-S5346, PSCN4C-00M001, PSPLZU-06R002, LX830-ST2N02, C855D-S5196, PSKFUU-008004, PSKFUU-08F011, C850D / C855D, PSCLUU-022011, S955D-S5374, C850-ST2NX1, PSCBQU-006004, PSCL5C-00E007, PSCF6U-0E4066, PSCBLU-03H00J, P850-ST3N01, PSKMAU-00E002, PSC72U-01V00K, C55-B5297, C50-BST2NX9, C50T-AST2NX2, C855D-S5209, PSCF6U-04Y00C, PQQ30U-00W00R, C855-S5234, PSKA8U-01T00R, PSKFUU-01200E, PSCF6U-04P00C, L855D-S5114, PSKK6U-08808T, S55t-A5379, PSCBQU-00403C, PSKGGU-01N003, PSKU8U-007004, X875-Q7290, L855D-S5242, PSKJJU-01E00S, PSC8SU-00D001, U845W-S410, PQQ18U-00K008, S50-B / S50t-B / S55-B / S55t-B, PSPJ5U-009002, PSCJEU-00K001, PSCLLU-00F00G, PSPJ1U-00E004, PSCBGU-007006, PSPKAU-01900P, PSCBQU-00400J, L50-AST2NX1, L40-AST2NX2, PSKFUU-00D006, PSKK2U-08404W, L55-B5276, PSCBLU-08Q00J, PSKFUU-0SY003, C55D-A5346, PSCBLU-02K006, PSKLJU-00G009, C55D-A5240NR, PSCFWU-01Q00F, PSC7SU-007002, PSCF6C-0JT06X, C855-S5236, L850D-ST3NX1, PSCF6U-07R09C, PSCFWU-02J00J, Satellite, PSKK6U-0D608T, PSPKFU-07M011, PSKFQU-006003, C855D-S5135NR, L55t-A5186, PSCJEU-00L001, L50T-AST2NX1, C855D-S5238, C855D-S5110, PSU5RU-00V017, C50D-AST2NX1, PSKFUU-0H500H, PSCBLU-01Y003, PQQ14U-005003, C855-S5239P, L50Dt-B-060, L55-B5294, PSPKEU-002002, PSKT4U-07D02K, C855D-S5351, C55-A5309, P870-ST2N01, PSKJJU-010009, C50-B-170, PSKFQU-002003, PSCBLU-00L00J, L855-S5163, C55-A5243NR, PSU5XU-010004, PSC7SU-006001, PSKT4U-07D0C1, S855-S5379, C55D-A5107, PSCL4U-00P00D, S855-S5257, PQQ14U-005001, L50-AST2NX3, PSKACU-03X012, C855-S5118, L55t-A5353, L875D-S7343, PSCJQC-005009, PSKLAC-02G007, PSKFUU-02T003, C850-ST2NX3, PSC7SU-005001, PSCFJU-00Q00F, PSCLUU-02N004, C50D-AST3NX1, L45t-A4230NR, C50-ASMBNX3, PSKFUU-0J700E, C50D-A-043, LX835-D3230, PSPKEU-01800C, P50W-B / P50W-B, PSCJEU-01G00Q, PQQ15U-00H00N, PSKLAU-04K00X, C70-B-060, L50t-A-02G, C55-A5347, S50-B-240, PSCF6U-04R00C, S870-BT2G22, PSCFWU-01M005, PSPLAU-006006, PSKA8U-02C00R, S50-BST2NX2, L850-ST3NX1, L50D-BST2NX1, U845W-ST3N01, PQQ32U-01000R, PSCF6C-0DV002, NB15t-A1304, PSKPSU-00W01K, PSCBQU-00F009, P840-ST2N01, L850D / L855D / S850D / S855D, PSKJJU-014009, PSCFWU-01T005, C55D-A5333, C55Dt-A5106, C55Dt-A5231, PSCL4C-006002, PSKFWU-02C002, PSCF6U-05X00C, PSKFUU-0H7003, C55Dt-A5250, PSCHWU-019008, PSKLSU-01S03E, PSCBLU-091032, C850-ST2N02, PSKGGU-01N00J, C50D-A-00D, S855-S5386, L55-A5278, S855-S5267, L855-S5186, S855-S5252, PSCFEU-00F007, PSKF6U-0D502G, S855-S5265, PSKLJU-02X038, PSU6SU-029008, C75D-A7310, PSC72U-011008, C875-S7303, L55-A5226, C55D-A5381, S855-S5170, PSC72U-01X00L, PSCFWU-03H02X, PSCFWC-00Y002, C50-A-0E7, P55W-B5220, PSKGJU-005003, C55Dt-A5160, C855D-S5109, P850 / P855, PSKGJU-00G003, P850-ST2N02, C855-S5348, S55t-A5238, PSCLYU-008002, C55D-A5340, L40-ASMBNX3, PSCHWC-00D009, PSKFUU-041004, PSKFUU-01H003, C50-BST2NX10, U840 / U845, PSKK2U-04G04W, P875-S7310, S875-S7376, PSKACU-03Y012, C845-S4230, LX830-BT2G22, PSCF6U-01D00C, PSKFWU-00Q002, L40-ASMBNX2, PSKFUU-004005, P845T-S4102, C855D-S5353, C855D-S5320, PSC9JU-006007, S70-B-0X0, C50-ASMBNX2, C55-A5387, PSKFUU-001003, PSCLUU-02L03J, C70D-B / C75D-B, LX835-D3203, L55-A5168, C55D-A5362, PSKLAU-00H015, C55-A5390, C875D-S7225, U840t / U845t, C40-A / C45-A, L50t-A / L55t-A, PSKLJU-00D004, C850D-ST2N02, PSKLAU-03C004, PSCBQU-001005, PSCBLU-02M004, S955D-S5150, C50D-B-0K0, PSKACU-040012, C855-S5239, L50D-BST2NX2, X875-Q7280, C55-A5298, LX830-ST2G01, PSKACU-02P012, C55-B5295, PSKMAU-04702L, PSCBLU-02M03L, C50D-A-023, U945-ST4N01, PSKLAU-01200E, PSKPJU-01K023, PSU5RU-00V016, PSCHWU-00M00E, C875-S7304, PSU6SU-02D01M, U845W-S4180, PSCF6U-01J014, C70-B-0E0, C55D-A5146, PSCBLU-015003, PSKT4U-04900G, PSPLEU-006003, P875-S7102, C850-ST4NX8, PSKFUU-040003, PSCF6U-01T00D, S55-A5176, L840-ST4NX1, L855-S5136, PQQ18U-00G008, LX835-D3210, PSCLGU-00M03Q, L55t-A5290, S55-A5164, C55-A5308, PSU5XU-001004, PSUBAU-00C001, PSCF6U-0GF06R, PQQ18U-00R009, PSKK2U-04D08P, C55-B5246, C55-A5300, PSKACU-03V012, C40-B-050, C50D-A-00Y, C855-S5158, PSKLJU-009004, L870D / L875D, LX835-D3304, L855-S5309, PSCLYU-012001, PSKFUU-0KF003, PSKJJU-018009, PSPJ1U-00G00C, L40-AST2NX1, C50-A-0JT, C855-S5194, PSPQ4U-00H00C, PSCF6U-01Y00C, PSPKFU-030011, PSCFWU-04C02Y, L850-ST2NX1, L855-S5366, L875D-S7210, PSKF6U-0D602G, C50-BST2NX5, PSCBLU-02700J, C55D-A5304, L955-S5142NR, PSU5XU-001003, PSPLXU-01L016, E45t-A4200, PSKM2U-006004, C55T-A5394, PX35t-A2300, PSCBLU-00K008, PSPN2U-003003, PSPMJU-07102J, L855D-S5220, L870-ST3NX3, X870-ST3NX1, PSK8GU-01D008, C850-ST4NX5, PSCF6U-0GG06R, PSCF6U-06309D, PSCBQU-00C00F, PSCFJU-00K00F, PSKA8U-04E00Y, PSKHAU-02900U, PSCMLU-03701M, PSCBLU-00J008, PSCBLU-02M02E, PSCN4C-00K001, C70-BST2NX1, C855-S5192, PSKT4U-0GV02M, C850-ST3NX4, PSKA8U-01Q00R, PSCHWU-00T00F, L855D-S5117, L50D-A-03X, C55-A5355, PSCBQU-00403E, S55-A5139, PSKFUU-008049, P50W-BST2N22, C855-S5247, S855D-S5253, C55D-A5240, C50-A-0DV, C55-A5384, X875-Q7291, P850-ST4GX1, C855D-S5106, PSCBAU-009005, L855-S5113, E45t-A4300, PSPLAU-00E008, PSCF6U-02K00C, PSKBGU-018015, C55-A5302, PSKFLU-00E00G, PSCN4U-00R002, PSCF6U-019056, C870-ST4NX5, PSKBGU-017015, PSCF6U-02L00C, PSCFWU-02M02Y, P55W-B5318, PQQ30U-01000E, L55D-A5349, C55D-B5244, PSKA8U-02601P, PSPKEU-00J00D, C855D-S5104, PSCHWU-00J002, L50D-AST3NX2, P55-A5200, PSCFWC-02400G, L955D-S5364, E45-B4200, C55D-A5150, L870-ST2N01, PSKLJU-008004, L45t-A4230, P875-S7200, PSKK6U-0CL08T, PSCBUU-008006, PSC72U-01500Q, PSKLAU-03D004, C55-A5100, S855-S5260, PSCF6U-0GH08T, LX835-D3220, L50-B-7P0, PSCD3C-005004, C855D-S5315, PSCLEU-00Q002, E55Dt-A / M50D-A / M50Dt-A / U50Dt-A, Qosmio, PSKACU-04201Q, L955-S5152, C55T-A5350, C55D-A5120, PSPLXU-01K016, PSCBUU-002006, PSCBLU-066003, PSKLSU-01Q03E, PSCBQU-007005, PSCFWU-02000D, PSCBAU-09200L, PSCBLU-025003, PSCFWU-02S005, PSCBQU-004024, PSKFWU-05U002, P70-AST3NX3, 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PSKFQU-001003, C70-B-0Q0, L50-A / L50t-A / L55-A / L55t-A / S50-A / S50t-A / S50t-A / S55t-A, U845-S406, S55-A5295, C50-BST2NX1, PSC72U-04H00K, C850D-ST3NX1, PSCF6U-0EF066, C855D-S5302, C40-A-020, C55D-A5108, L955-S5370N, U845W-S414P, PSCF6U-01J018, C55-A5311, PSKBQU-00V008, PSKFUU-08F003, PSCF6U-0EE06W, PQQ14U-00K001, PSKGGU-00F003, C55T-B5109, PSC72U-028006, PSCFWU-00G006, PQQ30U-01600R, PSCBQU-00200F, PQQ14U-00S009, L50-B, PSCMLC-02100T, PSPRBU-00M003, PSCBLU-0DK00J, C855D-S5230, C75D-B7220, PSCF6U-0NG09N, C855-S5122, PSPLZU-05K02H, C855D-S5340, L70-B-100, C850D-BT3N11, L55DT-A5253NR, PSKJSU-006001, L55-A5299, PSCF6U-019014, L855-S5243, PSCLUU-01N011, L850-BT3N22, L840D-ST2N01, C55D-A5208, L840D-BT2N22, PSCBLU-04C003, PSC9JU-003003, C55-A5246NR, L840-ST4NX2, PSPPNU-01200W, PQQ14U-00Q00C, PSCF6U-04S00C, C855-S5306, PSCHWU-009002, L55-A5284, PSKUNC-006003, PSCF6U-02C00C, S855-S5378, C55-A5332, PSKG2U-00M00D, C55-B5390, PSCN4U-007006, C55Dt-A5148, PSPN4U-00F002, PSKK2U-05V08R, C855-S5349, P870-ST4GX1, PSKFWU-06G002, L55-B5338, S855-S5381, C50t-A-02V, PSKULU-01S00U, PSKT4C-02G006, PSPLEU-056007, PSPJ5U-00W00E, PSKMAC-03X02M, PSKACU-03T012, PSCFEU-00L004, PSKFLU-007005, PSCBLU-01L003, PSKFNU-001002, U845W-S410P, PSC72U-01600C, PSCF6U-02H00L, C55-A5282, S55-A5352, PSCF6U-0EF09J, C55-A5324, S955-S5373, PSCF6U-00R056, PSCBQU-004005, PSKULU-03C00U, P845t-S4310, PSPLNU-06602N, PSKACU-03W012, PSCBAU-009027, L50D-A / L50Dt-A / L55D-A / L55Dt-A, C855D-S5354, C850-ST3NX1, C70D-B-010, PSCF6C-0E7002, C840 / C845, PSKLAU-09703T, C855-S5356, C55Dt-B5245, L870-ST2N02, PSCBUU-003007, C50-ASMBNX1, PSKG2U-06N020, PSCF6C-02V002, C50-BST2NX6, C55D-B5214, C55-B5355, S955-S5166, C55T-B5380, P000574810, C855-S5132NR, PSKHAU-02000V, PSKFWU-01J002, P850-ST2N03, PSCN4U-00P002, U940 / U945, C855D-S5100, PSCBQU-00E007, C855-S5115, P870-ST2GX2, C50-B / C50t-B / C55-B / C55t-B, L950 / L955, L50-AST3NX1, PQQ14U-004003, PSCFWU-02V005, C850-ST3N03, PSCF6U-01900L, PQQ14U-004001, PSKAYU-008007, PSKFUU-02L00H, L855-S5198, PSCF6C-02W002, PSKGGU-00E005, L855-S5157, PSCBLU-00X003, PSPKEU-062002, PSKFUU-0FK003, L50D-AST2NX1, L840 / L845, PSCBQU-003005, PSCLUU-018005, PSKBQU-009004, PSKHAU-01X00U, PSKGGU-011003, PSKFUU-02Y003, PSKJSU-005001, PSU4SU-007002, C55D-A5372, C55T-A5370, C55-A5310, PSCBQU-00800J, L855-S5210, PSPNVU-01V034, C850-ST3NX3, PSKFUU-013003, PSCBLU-03D00P, C850D-ST3N01, PSCFWU-01P005, PSKT4U-06608H, PSCMLU-03901F, PSCLUC-01C001, S50-BST2NX1, PSCHWU-00Q002, PSKK2U-04Q04W, PSKGJU-00V00P, L850-ST3NX2, X875-Q7380, PSCBLU-00L008, C50D-B-0M0, C855D-S5339, L855-S5368, L955-S5330, C55-A5140, PSCFJU-00T00E, PSKSQU-01800Y, L50-AST3NX2, C55-A5204, PSCBQU-00201W, P855-S5200, C855-S5214, P855-S5102, C55D-A5344, C875-S7340, C55D-B5219, E45t-A / U40t-A, P850-ST3N02, PSKT4U-04800G, X875-Q7190, C850-ST4NX7, PSKFUU-0N9003, PSCLUU-01E004, PSCF6U-04E012, C50t-AST2NX1, P70-A / P75-A, LX835-D3205, PSCMLU-03601M, PSCBQU-00H00E, L875D-S7342, LX830-ST2N01, L50-A-012, PSKRLC-01000G, PSUB2U-004002, PSKBLU-03C014, PSCBLU-04Q004, PSCHWU-00H002, PSKHAU-06Q053, PSPRBU-003002, PSCLUU-02G075, S855-S5165, LX830-BT2N22, LX835-D3310, C850-ST4NX6, C55-B5293, U945-S4140, PSKLSC-01200Q, PSKT4U-0FY09W, PSKLAU-01U00X, PSKA8U-04101L, C55-A5104, U945-S4390, L855-S5160, L845-S4240, PSKLSU-01P011, PSC72U-022006, C55-B5290, C70D-A / C75D-A, PSCFWU-02U005, C55T-A5296, PSCBLU-06L003, L875-S7308, C850-ST3NX2, C55-A5354, PSC72U-014006, PSKULC-018001, PSC9JU-003006, PSCBQU-03G03E, C55T-A5247, PX35t-AST2G01, L55D-B5320, PSCLGU-00M016, C55D-A5175, C55D-A5382, PSCFWU-02C00M, PSKJJU-00X012, S55-A5235, S55t-A5161, C55-A5286, PSCF6U-05V00C, PSPLEU-048003, C850-ST4NX2, L850-ST3N02, C855-S5134, C55T-A5102, C55-A5393, C55Dt-A5162, PSCFWU-02H02X, PSKLSC-01100Q, PSCBLU-06W00J, PSK98U-00H007, C55T-A5103, PSCBLU-092003, S55t-A5156, PSKFUU-02V003, L50t-B-150, PSPLZU-003002, L855-S5255, PSKFUU-03S011, U945-ST4N02, C855-S5308, L50D-AST3NX1, C870D / C875D, C55-A5220, C55Dt-A5305, PSPJ5U-01R00W, PSCF6U-08D012, PSKGGU-01Q003, PSKT4U-07T00G, L855-S5383, PSKHAU-00X00K, PSKLAU-00H00X, C55-A5243, E55DT-AST2N02, PSCF6U-04X00C, PSCMLU-04M02F, PSCF6U-01000L, PSPQ2U-00T00Q, PSPQ6U-02K011, PU141U-00V001, PSPKEU-01C00C, PSVP2U-003004, PX35t-A2230, PSKLSU-02E03D, S55-A5167, S855D-S5256, C75D-B7300, PSKBQU-00L003, PSCBLU-049003, L50-BST2NX3, PSCLEU-003002, C855-S5107, C855-S5231, P870-ST3GX1, C55-A5242, E45t-AST2N01, PSCBQU-006023, C55Dt-A5306, PSCF6U-04U018, L55-B5288, L855-S5156, C50-ASMBNX6, PSCLGU-00V00U, C50-AST2NX1, PSCBUU-006005, PSCF6U-02X00C, P845-S4200, PSCFJU-00T00J, PSCF6U-06701F, S55-A5197, PSCN4U-00V005, C850-ST3N02, C55-B5298, L55-B5267, PSCBQU-00600J, L50D-B / L50Dt-B / L55D-B / L55Dt-B, S955-S5376, PSCF6U-0GJ08T, C55T-A5378, PSCLUU-02H075, L870D-ST2NX1, L850D-ST2NX1, S55-B5292, PSPKAU-00F009, S50t-B-0G0, PSPLEU-004007, C855-S5352, PSKLAU-03N004, PSU5RU-00Q002, C70-B-1T0, C855D-S5116, C75D-B7215, PSCENU-01V013, S50-BST2GX1, PSCFWU-02C031, PSCF6U-05100C, PSCFWU-02C02Y, L55-A5184, S55-A5239, P50T-BST2GX2, C55Dt-A5233, S855-S5264, C70-B, PSKFWU-001002, PSPKBU-05601S, PSCBUU-002008, S55-A5339, L855-S5112, C850-ST2NX2, L840-ST3NX1, PSKGGU-00E003, L55-B5237, P55W-B5224, PSCBUU-008008, C855D-S5237, S55-A5292NR, C855-S5108, C850-ST4NX3, PSKT8U-010069, PSKJJU-01D00S, C850 / C855, PSC6AU-01R00M, PSCLEC-001001, PSCBLU-06V00J, PSU5RU-00Q017, L55-B5394, PSCBLU-00U003, PSPRBU-006003, C870 / C875, U845-S409, S875-S7248, C850-ST3NX5, E45T-B4300, PSCBLU-01500P, C55-A5195, C55D-A5201, C55D-A5392, PSCBLU-03500J, S855-S5268, LX835-D3360, PSCBLU-016003, L50D-B-180, PSUB2U-00G00K, PSCBLU-008005, C55-A5322, PSCFWU-029005, PSKFNU-019002, L55-B5396, L875D-S7230, PSCMQU-00U006, C50t-A-002, PSCL5C-01T007, C850-ST4NX4, S855-S5164, PSKAYU-00K002, PSKLAU-02K00X, PSCBLU-08E032, PSCBQU-006005, PSKMAU-002002, PSCF6U-02F014, S55t-A5360, PSKLSU-01S03P, C55-A5249, X875-Q7390, PSCFWU-02P005, S55-A5154, C850-ST4NX1, S855-S5188, PSKBLU-02900Q, L55Dt-A5253, PSKFWU-002002, L55-B5254, C850-ST2N01, PSC72U-026006, PSKG2U-02501Y, L855-S5372, C870-ST4NX3, PSKJJU-01E00T, C55-A5285, PSC9JU-00K003, P50T-BST2GX1, PSKM2U-006006, C855D-S5303, S55-A5165, PSK98U-00E006, E55t-AST2N01, PQQ14U-00P003, C55t-A5222, L855-S5138NR, PX35t-A2210, S855D-S5120, S875-S7242, C75D-B7200, C855D-S5900, PU141U-00V01P, C855-S5349N, U845W-S415, PSPKEU-00K00D, PSCD3C-002001, S55Dt-A5130, C855-S5206, L55t-A5186NR, PSCBQU-007004, L855-S5155, PSU5XU-00R004, PSKGGU-01700K, C55-B5291, PSCF6U-0GK067, PSCHWU-009005, PSCJQC-005006, PSKT4U-08400G, C50t-A-007, C55Dt-A5241, LX835-D3215, PSCLUU-03V005, S70-B / S75-B, L50-B-2G0, C855D-S5228, C855-S5358, PSPLFU-07T011, PSKFUU-02X003, PSCBAU-008004, C55D-A5380, C50t-A-02W, L840-ST2N01, S855-S5290P, PSCNVC-00Q013, PSCJEU-00K00R, C855D-S5950, PSUB2U-00K00P, L55-A5385, C55D-B5241, PSCLGU-00U017, C55D-B5206, C50-AST3NX1, U845T-S4150, L55T-B5334, P840 / P845t / P845 / P845t, C55-A5180, C855-S5245, S55t-B5232, C55-A5190, PSCF6U-07S012, PSKFLU-00E006, C55-A5281, PSU4SU-007013, C55-B5201, PSCLEU-006004, C855D-S5105, LX835-D3380, L855-S5162, PSKG2U-06N01X, LX835-D3207, C55Dt-A5307, PSKFQU-008003, PSCLGC-017074, PSKFUU-0N7003, PSKA8U-04801N, L850-ST4NX2, PSPLBU-02N019, L70-B-110, PSCF6U-045013, PSPLFU-01L011, PSKFUU-011003, C40-A-050, C50-ABT2N11, U840W / U845W, L840D / L845D, PSKLAU-02Y00X, L50-BST2NX1, C855-S5190, C55-B5265, E45t-AST2N02, PSCN4U-00T005, PSKRLC-01100G, C50-B-1C0, L55Dt-A5254, C55-A5246, PSKA8U-02900R, S855-S5251, C50D-A / C55D-A, C855D-S5344, PSPNVU-00U00V, E45t-A4100, PSKGGU-01P003, P870-ST4NX1, PSCMLU-02201N, LX830-ST2N03, PSCFWU-01G005, L855-S5121, X870 / X875, C50-A-053, PSC72U-01W00L, PSKK6U-08H08T, PSKT4U-09102M, PSKP2U-00X00L, L855-S5187, PSU5RU-00V003, PSCF6U-07V00C, PSKFUU-005005, C50-AST2NX2, C55-A5330, PSCBLU-02Q004, C55-A5182, S55-A5255, PSKFUU-0RR004, C855D-S5307, S855-S5266, E50 / E55, C55T-A5218, L40-A / L45-A / S40-A / S45-A, L955-S5362, PSKG2U-028005, PSC72U-012006, L55-A5351, S855D-S5148, P50-A / P50t-A / P55-A / P55t-A, PSKHAU-00X00W, PQQ30U-00Y00E, NB10-A / NB10t-A / NB15-A / NB15t-A, C855-S5630, PSCBLU-00L003, C55-A5172, PSU5XU-002004, PSCFWU-00J005, PSCFWU-00X005, C855-S5343, PSCJEU-00F001, U845W-S4170, PSCF6U-04F01F, PSC72U-01W00K, PSCF6C-053002, C875D-S7331, S855-S5369, PSKJJU-01300R, PSKKSU-00X009, PSKFUU-0H70C7, C55T-A5123, C50-BST2NX2, L50-AST3NX3, PSKMAU-008007, PSKFUU-08L00H, PSCFWU-02Q005, PSCLEU-009004, PSKAYU-00S002, PSCF6U-0H6068, PSCLEU-007002, L50-AST2NX2, C55-A5369, P50 / P50t / P55 / P55t, PSCF6U-04N00C, PSKFUU-0NJ0C8, PSCFWU-00V005, PSCLGU-00V00T, L855-S5136NR, L870 / L875 / S870 / S875, PSCBAU-0D100L, PSCBLU-003004, PQQ19U-009004, LX835-D3300, P850-ST4NX1, L850-ST3N01, C855-S5319, L55-A5234, PSC72U-01V00L, PSKFUU-06X003, S50-BST2NX3, PSCF6U-01900C, PSU4TU-00J00Y, PSKFUU-07M00H, PSC72U-015006, PSKLEU-00Q004, P870 / P875, C55D-A5170, PSCFWU-04C031, PSCBQU-003004, C50-BST2NX8, PSC9JU-004003, C855D-S5229, L955-S5370, L50-AST2NX4, PSCBLU-00J00J, PSCF6U-030012, 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C55-A5386, P850-ST4NX2, L55t-A5232, PSKBQU-004004, PSU5RU-00Q003, C50-A / C50t-A / C55-A / C55t-A, PSPRBU-004001, PSCF6U-02E00C, S875-S7370, L950D / L955D, C50-AST2NX3, C855D-S5103, PSKFUU-03X003, C50-AST3NX4, C50-AST3NX2, S875-S7356, P55t-A5118, S875D-S7239, C55D-B5242, PSCFWU-00G005, C55-A5166, U845W-S414, PSKLAU-00H004, PSPPNC-00X00N, NB15t-A1302, S55-B5289, C50-B-0C0, PSCFWU-00F006, PSKPSU-00X01K, L50-ABT3N22, C850-ST3N01, P855-S5312, C55-B5392, PSCF6C-002016, S875D-S7350, PSKGJU-006003, C75D-B7280, C855D-S5305, C55Dt-A5348, L55-A5284NR, PSCF6U-0KR018, E55-A / M50-A / M50t-A / U50t-A, PSCBLU-01L00P, C55-B5296, PSKFUU-014003

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Toshiba original RAM module - TS48780

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