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Acer original fan + heatsink - AC19625

Acer original fan + heatsink - AC19625

Acer original thermal module (fan + heatsink) {{fan_heatsink_intro}} Includes: fan by by Sunon (MagLev, DC5V, 1.8W)...
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By Michael Kosokowsky from N/A on June 14, 2008
My laptop was just about useless, it overheated constantly, it would shut down if I tried to do a virus scan or even watch a simple video. I tried cleaning the cooler, replacing the thermal grease, but nothing seemed to work.
I found Notebook Solutions while browsing for a new CPU heatsink and fan combo. Their price was cheaper than other places I found, I ordered the new part, it was shipped promptly and arrived nicely packaged. I replaced the old CPU cooler with the new one and noticed a difference immediately. Before, a virus scan would make the CPU skyrocket to a whopping 113 degrees Celsius. Now, doing the same task, the CPU temperature maxed out at 69 degrees Celsius. Thats a difference of 44 degrees cooler! Finding Notebook Solutions has been a lifesaver for my laptop!

Thank you!
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