LG replacement LCD (17", matte, WSXGA+, CCFL, TL01) - SC2960

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LG replacement LCD (17\", matte, WSXGA+, CCFL, TL01) - SC2960

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LG replacement 17" LCD screen

● Replace your cracked or malfunctioning screen with this brand new part!

We only sell genuine LCD screens, not generic or aftermarket imitations. The screen you will receive is made by one of the following major LCD manufacturers: Samsung, LG, Sharp, Toshiba, AU Optronics, Chi Mei Optoelectronics, Chunghwa Picture Tubes, HannStar or Quanta.

The screen brand / model may differ from what you currently have installed in your unit. It is a bare screen that DOES NOT include additional parts like touchscreen digitizer, hinges / brackets, data cable, cover / bezel, webcam, etc. unless specifically mentioned in the product description. All these parts need to be transferred from your original LCD assembly or purchased separately.

Condition: Brand new (not used or refurbished)

Warranty: 90 days included in price, upgrades available (see box above) for your peace of mind...

Size:17" (measured diagonally)
Resolution:WSXGA+ (1680x1050)
Backlight:1 x CCFL bulb
Inverter:Not included
Made by:LPL (LG.Philips Display) or another major manufacturer

Did you know? We offer professional installation services. Click here for details.

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DV7-1155EZ, MX8554B, DV8396EA, DV9515TX, DV9343EU, Alienware, ZD8317EA, CQ70-120EO, P100-324, ZD8072EA, DV7-1030EP, DV9818TX, L730, M600, DV9728CA, DV8308EA, DV9332EA, DV8227EA, ZD8009EA, P100-198, DV9218TX, DV7-1030EL, ZD8010EA, DV8219EA, L745, DV7-1201EG, DV9033CL, P100-222, DV9217TX, DV9500Z, DV7-1130EL, DV9211TX, DV9737EF, DV9005US, DV7-1020EW, P100-113, DV8316TX, P105-S6157, ZD8060CA, A980EO, DV9606CA, DV7-1023EM, DV9040US, X205-S9800, DV9640EL, GX700-050, CQ70-253EG, ZD8256EA, DV9508TX, DV9005EA, DV9235NR, CQ70-110ER, A962TU, DV8140US, DV9079EA, DV9515EO, DV9685EG, P100 PSPADC-MA605C, DV9702AU, ZD8100, DV7-1170EO, DV9635EM, DV7-1150US, DV9780EO, P-6828H, DV9428CA, DV9203TX, CQ70-125EO, DV7-1033TX, DV9220US, DV9396EA, DV9790EA, DV8210CA, DV9660EV, DV8322EA, DV9540EB, DV9775EG, DV9504TX, P100-143, DV7-1228CA, DV7-1137EO, DV9817TX, DV9650EB, DV9742TX, CQ70-110EB, DV8214EA, P100-221, DV8026EA, DV9408CA, ZD8410EA, DV7-1120EL, DV7-1250ED, DV7-1444US, DV7-1060EN, DV9680EF, DV9612CA, DV8252EU, DV9361EA, DV7-1160EB, DV9075EU, CQ70-235EZ, DV9295EA, CQ70-115EO, DV9507ES, DV9728TX, DV9720US, DV7-1035EF, DV9690EE, P100-403, DV9312EA, P105-S6117, DV9607US, P100-400, DV8040US, P100-437, DV9727TX, 8700, P100-208, P100 PSPA6C-SD802F, MX703J, DV7-1027CA, DV9607EO, DV7-1199EZ, DV9597XX, DV8285EA, GX710-220, X200 PSPBUC-LC30DC, DV9725TX, DV8378EA, DV7-1262US, DV9720EA, M55, DV9690EL, DV8382EA, DV8305TX, DV9071EA, DV9604TX, DV7-1113EO, DV9809TX, DV9766EZ, DV9699EF, DV8001US, DV9217EA, DV9652EG, DV9520EG, MX8707J, A970EF, MX8710, DV9074CL, M60A005, DV7-1130US, DV7-1243CL, ZD8004AP, DV7-1126EL, DV7-1150EB, DV9760EO, Mobile Worstation, DV9726TX, CQ70-118EF, DV8206TX, P100-10R, P100-TM1, DV7-1050EG, DV7T-1100, DV9640CA, P105-SP6022, A950EL, DV9740EA, DV8338EA, DV9060US, DV9700, DV9293EA, NX850X, DV9204TX, DV9670EL, DV7-1210EG, P100-474, ZD8225EA, DV7-1220EG, P105 PSPA0U-1EN032, DV9005VS, CQ70-102XX, GX740, DV7-1185EG, M60-S6111TD, DV9054EA, DV9600, CQ70-118EO, DV7-1207TX, DV7-1205EG, DV9890EF, DV7-1247CL, CQ70-255EG, CQ70-101XX, P100-359, Satellite Pro, DV7-1208TX, DV9605EM, DV7-1093EO, DV9241EA, DV9015TX, DV7-1120EF, P105-S6217, DV9740CA, ZD8401EA, DV7-1205EF, DV9555EO, DV9542EV, DV7-1020EG, DV7-1220ED, P100 PSPA3C-JR500E, DV9758CA, DV9294EU, X200-253, DV7-1173ER, DV9695EL, P105-S6187, DV7-1153NR, DV7-1101EF, DV9535NR, P100-257, ZD8019EA, DV7-1030EO, ZD8205TU, DV9675EG, DV8079EA, DV9291EA, DV9610US, DV9273EA, DV9535EO, CQ70-201TU, CQ70-105TX, DV9263EU, DV9002TX, DV7-1195ER, DV8210US, DV9865EK, DV7-1128EZ, DV9244EU, M60A007, DV8315NR, DV9634CA, DV9721TX, A935EM, P-6825, 8000, GX700-100, DV9890EP, X200-LC3, PSPC4U-05G023, DV8200, CQ70-240EV, DV9627CL, DV9060EA, DV9617NR, DV9701TX, DV9061EA, ZD8050LA, MIT-DRA, DV8013CL, M60-135, DV9321EA, DV9723CA, P100-488, DV7-1250EO, HP-Compaq, ZD8239EA, GX720-1W1US, DV9085EU, DV9580EL, DV7-1040ES, Pavilion, DV9239EA, DV9790ED, DV7-1006TX, ZD8151EA, DV9705TX, DV9214TX, DV8315TX, ZD8225CA, ZD8220US, DV9318EA, DV9362EA, 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DV7-1125EB, P100, M60-103, P100-413, NP4750V, Qosmio, DV9734NR, DV9745EL, DV7-1005EO, DV8220US, DV9605EF, DV9614TX, DV9890ES, DV9762EZ, CQ70-230EO, DV9338EU, M60-164, DV9311EU, ZD8218EA, P105-S6227, DV9750US, A945EE, DV9019EA, DV8392EA, DV7-1220EL, DV9656EO, P100-TM0, DV9286EA, DV7-1102XX, A966TU, DV9644CA, P105-S6124, GX710-230, X6000, A934TU, CQ70-118NR, DV9605TX, DV7-1215EG, P100-138, DV7-1198EG, DV9303EU, DV9623CA, DV9610CA, X305-Q706, DV9670ED, DV7-1045TX, P100-ST9742, DV9702AX, DV9390EA, DV8197EA, A936CA, DV7-1160EP, ZD8399EA, DV9380EA, DV7-1128CA, DV9429US, DV8306EA, DV9682EG, DV9610EF, P100-141, DV7-1023TX, DV9645EO, CQ70-209EM, DV9760EI, P100-ST9212, DV9530EM, DV9750EO, DV7-1206EZ, ZD8202AP, A950EF, DV8399EA, DV9035EA, DV9764EG, DV8288EA, DV9718TX, DV9780ED, DV8370EA, DV9297EA, DV7-1070EV, DV7-1116EF, DV9702XX, DV9658EA, MX8739, DV9660ES, P105-S6012, DV8075EA, CQ70-205EE, DV7-1201EF, DV9047EA, DV9780EW, P100-224, DV7-1080EO, DV9292EU, X205, D900T, DV9534EF, P-6313, DV9267EA, A970EL, P100-137, DV7-1105EA, A940ES, DV9312TX, DV9850EL, DV9784EG, X200-21K, DV9266EU, ZD8300, DV9595EA, DV7-1448CA, DV7-1090EN, NX860X, DV9299EA, DV8339US, DV9760EF, ZD8215US, DV9700T, DV9767EO, DV7-1016NR, CQ70-215EO, DV7-1053XX, DV9744EO, DV7-1070EE, DV9736CA, P105-S6064, DV7-1123EF, DV9745EF, DV9730CA, DV7-1118EO, DV9605EO, DV7-1280ES, DV7-1119EF, ZD8320EA, DV8029EA, DV7-1110EA, DV9530EG, DV7-1264NR, P100-265, DV9736TX, DV9562EA, DV9599XX, DV9571EO, ZD8306EA, DV9729TX, DV9317CA, ZD8050EA, DV8290EA, DV9036EA, DV9268EA, DV7-1120EW, ZD8112EA, DV7-1179ER, DV9525US, A945EM, ZD8047EA, DV7-1040EO, ZD8162EA, P100-115, DV8045EA, Acer, A900ED, ZD8007EA, CyberPower, DV7-1120EG, MX8711, P100 PSPA3C-SD402F, DV9680EV, X6050CA, DV7-1250EP, P100-275, DV9315EA, DV9730EV, ZD8219EA, M60 PSM60C-BK300F, DV7-1180EG, M60-105, DV7-1130EN, P100-ST9772, DV9082EA, DV7-1024TX, DV9094EA, X6110US, DV7-1203EM, DV8050EA, DV9850ER, CQ70-117CA, DV9670EF, ZD8203AP, DV7-1240EL, DV8212EA, ZD8123EA, DV7-1180EO, ZD8228EA, DV9741EO, DV8275EA, DV7-1134US, DV9417CA, DV9408NR, Clevo, DV8380US, L740, DV9056EA, DV8301NR, A940ED, DV9575NR, P100-422, DV8293EA, CQ70-110EM, DV9050EA, DV9042EA, DV9731CA, P100-346, V771, DV8371EA, DV9266EA, DV9880EG, DV8040CA, DV7-1140EC, MP8701J, P-6836, DV8327US, M60-153, DV9743TX, CQ70-230EL, P100 PSPAEC-JL407C, DV9660EF, DV7-1132EG, P100-448, A920EG, DV7-1428CA, P-6312, NP-M55, DV9702EA, DV7-1099EF, DV8235EA, DV9348EA, DV9294EA, ZD8308EA, X205-SLI1, DV7-1299ES, DV8295EA, DV7-1135EO, DV8335EA, P100-160, X300 PQX31E-01001YG3, DV7-1060EC, DV9860EZ, DV7-1247D, DV9703AX, DV9819TX, P100-481, DV9808TX, DV9787EG, M60A001, DV7-1034CA, P-6866 FX, P105-S6068, ZD8430CA, P100-119, DV9030EA, DV9216EA, DV9581EE, DV9213EA, P100-ST9412, DV9394EA, DV9030US, DV8209TX, X200 PSPB9C-BB108C, A945US, DV9747CL, DV9812TX, DV7-1190ET, CQ70-250EO, DV7-1010ED, P100-402, DV9500EW, DV8208EA, XPLORER-64 7000, DV7-1020TX, DV9854CA, CQ70-260EG, Sony, A944CA, DV9750EL, DV9810TX, DV7-1169ER, DV9870EF, 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PSM60C-CD400F, DV8312TX, ZD8183EA, DV9660EG, P100-124, DV9705AX, DV7-1005EG, WX/3727CDS, M60-S811ST, P100-239, A963TU, DV9555EG, DV8230EA, DV9375EU, DV9542US, DV9592EF, P100-420, CQ70-206EF, DV9890ED, DV9714TX, DV9500T, DV9088EA, DV8240US, X300-14X, DV9684EG, RoverBook, DV8302TX, X200 PSPBUC-AX10DC, DV9601TX, P735, DV7-1206TX, DV7-1165EG, DV7-1110EO, P100-387, DV9064EA, P100 PSPAAC-MA105C, DV9575EM, M60-167, M60-168, CQ70-220EM, DV9580EG, DV7-1205TX, M9700i-R1series, DV9689EA, DV8218TX, P100 PSPA0C-06X02C, DV9760ED, DV8028EA, ZD8325EA, DV7-1165ER, DV7-1170EL, DV9221TX, DV9728CL, DV7-1267CL, DV9380NR, DV9221EA, DV7-1230EW, DV7-1464NR, DV9790ER, DV7-1212TX, DV9720TX, DV7-1008TX, DV9748TX, P100-383, DV8310CA, DV8226EA, M685-G, DV7-1045EG, DV8135EA, DV9670EO, DV8205US, A900ES, ZD8368EA, ZD8231EA, A913CL, P-6318U, P100 PSPA1C-TM40XF, DV8400, M60A008, DV7-1230ET, DV9212EA, A960EM, A940NR, DV7-1017TX, M680, DV7-1010TX, DV9655EL, D901C, X6002XX, DV9418CA, DV9233EU, DV9324EA, DV9710ES, DV7-1245DX, P105-S931, DV7-1003EA, MX8721M, DV7-1105TX

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LG replacement LCD (17", matte, WSXGA+, CCFL, TL01) - SC2960

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