Toshiba original fan + heatsink - TS21020

For: Satellite A200, A205, A210, A215 & Satellite Pro A200

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Product Description (Please Read Carefully)

Toshiba original thermal module (fan + heatsink)

● Replace your worn out or noisy thermal module with this brand new genuine part! A malfunctioning cooling system can cause your computer to overheat, slow down or shut off by itself. In extreme cases, this can damage your CPU, video chip or motherboard chipset.

Includes: fan by Forcecon (DC 5V 0.5A)

Condition: Brand new (not used or refurbished)

Warranty: 90 days

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PSAE3U-07T02D, A205-S5864, PSAE3U-06X024B, A205-S5861, Satellite Pro, PSAE3U-08C023B, A205-S5851, A215-S4717, A215-S5837, PSAE4C-01H0BC, PSAE3U-08H02D, PSAE3C-FS608C, A200-085, PSAE3U-071023B, A200-14V, PSAE3C-24V08C, PSAE3U-07N026, A205-SP5822, PSAE3U-07R025B, A215-S4737, PSAE3C-FT408C, PSAE3C-08J08C, PSAE3C-FS208C, PSAE3U-07Q023, A200-FE0, A215-S4697, PSAE3U-07V02D, A200-MR0, A200-SC3, PSAEGU-00W00U, PSAEGU-03L01M, PSAE3U-089023B, PSAE3U-088023, A205-S5855, PSAEGU-01800U, A200-CH5, PSAE3U-07L023, PSAE3U-06Y025B, A205-SP5816, A215-S5839, PSAE3C-FT108C, PSAE3C-FE008C, A205-S5853, PSAEGU-03C01KB, PSAE3U-079023, A205-S5872, A200-08J, PSAEGU-03C01K, PSAE3U-07R023, PSAE3C-16V08C, F6F2-CCW, A205-SP5820, PSAE3U-07R023B, A200-20V, PSAE3C-12V08C, PSAE3U-07N026B, A200-03V, A205-S5843, A200-HJ1, PSAE4C-CH60BC, A200-18V, PSAE3C-HJ108C, A200-CH7, PSAEGU-00Y00VB, PSAE3C-MR008C, PSAE3C-03V08C, A200, PSAE3U-08502D, PSAE3U-07D023, PSAE3C-BB508C, A205-S5866, PSAE3C-14V08C, PSAE3C-JA108C, PSAE3C-SC308C, A205-SP5818, PSAE3U-070023, AT019000410, PSAE3U-06X024, PSAEGU-01800X, A215-S4767, A215-S5829, PSAE3U-076023B, PSAE3U-088023B, A200-12V, PSAE3C-FB108C, PSAE3U-06Y023, PSAE3C-TH108C, PSAE3C-10V08C, PSAE3C-09V08C, A200-06V, PSAE3U-06Y028B, PSAE3U-070028, A205-S5859, PSAE3U-087023, PSAE3U-06Y028, A205-S5831, A200-AH9, A205-S5878, A205-S5835, PSAEGU-01200W, A215-S48171, PSAE3U-07Y023, PSAEGU-00V00U, PSAE3U-080023B, PSAE3U-076023, A215-SP5811, PSAEGU-03D01L, A200-JA2, PSAE3U-07Y023B, A205-SP5821, PSAEGU-01800UB, A200-T03, PSAE3U-080023, PSAE4C-T010BC, A200-JA1, A200-25V, A215-SP5810, PSAEGU-00V00UB, K000047370, A200-BE0, A200-10V, A215-S4747, A200-T01, PSAE3C-BE008C, PSAE3C-06V08C, PSAE4C-T050BC, PSAEGU-00W00X, A210 / A215, A205-S5841, A200-09V, A215-S4817, PSAE3U-089023, PSAEGU-01100UB, PSAE3C-20V08C, PSAE3C-FT208C, A200-FT1, A200-FT4, PSAE4C-T030BC, DFS531405MC0T, PSAE4C-CH70AC, PSAE3U-082023, A200-T05, A215-SP401, A200-TH1, A205-S5879, A200 / A205, A215-S4757, A200-MR1, PSAE3U-071023, A205-S5845, A200-24V, PSAE3U-08C023, PSAEGU-01800XB, PSAE3U-079023B, A200-FS2, A205-S5871, PSAE4C-CH50AC, PSAEGU-03J01K, PSAE3C-FE208C, PSAE3U-07L023B, A200-FT3, A200-01H, A205-S5852, PSAEGU-01400U, A205-S5880, PSAE3U-070023B, PSAEGU-00W00UB, PSAE3U-075023, PSAE0C-AH908C, PSAEGU-03P01M, PSAEGU-01100U, PSAE3U-06Y025, A205-S5867, A200-16V, PSAE3U-077023, PSAE3U-075023B, PSAE3C-FT308C, PSAE3U-06Y023B, A200-FS6, PSAE3U-084026, PSAE4C-CH70BC, A205-S5847, Satellite, PSAEGU-03801J, A200-CH6, A205-S5825, PSAE3U-07R025, A200-FT2, A205-S5000, A205-S5833, PSAEGU-01700U, PSAEGU-00Y00V, PSAE3C-08508C, A200-FB1, A205-S5863, PSAE3C-MR108C, PSAE3U-077023B, PSAE3C-18V08C, A205-SP5817, PSAE3U-081028, A200-BB5, A215-S4807, A215-S5848, A200-FE2, PSAEGU-03801JB, PSAE3C-25V08C, PSAE3C-JA208C

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