Acer original RAM module - AC56009

For: Aspire / Predator / Veriton / Gateway / Founder Wenxiang / Shangqi / Packard Bell / Founder Junyi / eMachines MS2304

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Product Description (Please Read Carefully)

Acer original RAM memory module

● Install more memory to improve performance and run more applications simultaneously!

● Errors? Blue stop screens? Your memory could be bad. Replace it with this brand new genuine part!

Description: MEM 4GB DDR3 1600 UNB-DIMM HU564404EP0200 LF+HF 256*8 2GB D-DIE 38NM UNIFOSA, DIMM 4GB DDR3-1600 UNI, MEM DDRIII16 4G HU564404EP0200 UNF R

Condition: Brand new (not used or refurbished)

Warranty: 90 days

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XC600-MO338, SX2370-UR13, DT.VE0SM.012, DT.VF0CN.312, E720, X4620G-MO30w, DT.VF8AA.001, M2611 / M2611G, XC600-EB2b, DT.GDDSJ.003, X3995-SD308, DT.SLJAA.002, Gateway, DT.VFMAL.009, X3995-UR20, M2611G-UI3322X, DT.VE1SM.005, DL.SLJAL.007, DX4870, XC600-AD34, DT.U7HEK.050, XC600-EB378, DT.SKECN.025, DT.U7HEB.042, M4620G, DL.VE0EA.006, DT.SLQAA.002, DT.SNDAL.002, M1935, XC600-MO328, DT.GDYAA.001, DT.A02CN.006, DT.GEPAA.003, DL.SLJAL.020, DT.VE0SM.006, X4620G-SI533X, DT.VE2EF.035, DX4860, DT.GECAA.003, DL.SNDAL.001, DT.F2KCN.273, XC600-AD32, DT.F28CN.703, DT.SLJAA.010, DT.VFFET.025, DT.SLJAA.007, DX4860-UR308, DT.VFMAA.003, XC600-EB2c, DT.U7JET.014, DX4380-UR22, E320, XC600-SD348, DT.SJPAA.010, DT.VEZER.014, DT.VF1CN.008, DT.F41CN.012, G3620, DT.F4JCN.110, DT.F1WCN.115, XC600-MT34, DX4380-ER36, M4620G-UI5333X, DT.SLJAL.014, XC600-SD39, XC100-SD35, DX4370, DT.VF0CN.198, DT.F2CCN.R53, DT.F2CCN.H20, DT.U7JET.018, DT.VF0CN.329, DT.F42CN.131, XC600-SD31L, DT.VGXET.010, DT.VF8AA.002, DT.VDJEG.017, XC600-SD33L, DT.SJQET.077, DT.SJLEK.051, DT.U7HET.021, DT.VE1SP.028, X3600, DT.VEPCN.021, M2611G-UG645X, DT.A02CN.020, DT.U7JMF.001, XC600-UR34, DT.F2CCN.L41, X4620G-EI3213X, Packard Bell, DT.SJQEG.087, DL.SLJAL.008, DT.VFFAL.003, DT.VGKAA.001, XC100-SR34, DT.SNDAL.001, DT.SQHAA.001, X4610G, DT.F2CCN.H74, DT.VE9AL.001, iMedia xx.U7C, DT.F2CCN.C11, DT.GEGAA.008, DT.F2CCN.R69, DL.SLJAL.006, DT.SJRMC.030, X4620G-UI5333X, DT.F2CCN.G96, DL.U7HMF.001, DT.GE9AA.001, DT.SJLAL.011, DT.A0GCN.028, M2611G-UG2020X, DT.F32CN.381, DT.U7HET.017, DT.F1WCN.135, XC600-UR308, XC600-AD31, S6620 / S6620G, MS2304, DT.VF0CN.294, M6620 / M6620G, DT.GDDAA.012, DT.F2CCN.K74, DT.VF8AA.007, MC605, DX4870-UR348, DX4860-UR28, N720, DT.F2CCN.F50, DT.SJQEG.054, DT.VF0CN.305, M3470-UR12, M6620G-MO30w, DT.VGWAL.003, DT.GDVAA.004, X4620G-EI3322X, Veriton, DT.F28CN.810, iMedia xx.U74/xx.U7H/xx.U7U, DT.F2CCN.R12, X4620G-EI3324p, DX4870-UR3D, DT.GDNAA.002, G3620-UR14, DT.F2CCN.K70, DT.SLJAL.013, DT.U7JMF.005, M2611G, Founder Wenxiang, DT.F2CCN.L89, DT.F28CN.586, DT.VF0CN.101, KN4GB0H003, DT.VFFEK.002, DT.VF8AL.003, SX2110-EW29, X4620G-MO38w, DL.SNDAL.002, DT.SQHAA.002, DT.VF0CN.109, DT.VFMAL.007, X4620G-SI322X, DT.VFMAA.001, DX4380 / DX4380G, DX4380-UR23, DT.SJRER.052, DT.SJQEQ.032, X3475, DT.SJPSG.015, DT.F2CCN.P17, eMachines, DT.F28CN.581, DT.SLJAL.026, XC600-MT308, DT.SKJEQ.019, X4620-UI3324X, M2611G-SI322X, M2611G-SI533X, X4620G-MO3Aw, M3420, DT.VFMAL.010, DT.SLJAL.008, T3-100, M4620G-SI533X, X3995, DX4380-EB35, S4620G, DT.GEGAA.003, DT.F2CCN.N72, XC100-UR31, DT.F2CCN.S42, T830, DT.F4JCN.129, DT.SLJAL.009, DT.F2CCN.G11, DT.SJLAA.003, SX2110G-UW23, DT.F2CCN.J67, M3470 / M3470G, DT.VFNCN.008, DT.VFASP.003, SX2110-EW358, DT.F2CCN.R99, DL.SLJAL.021, M2611G-UO35, X1470-UR26, XC600-UR318, DT.F2BCN.033, BUNDL, DT.SLJAL.015, DT.VFFEK.005, DT.F2CCN.S65, DT.GEGAA.009, D430, DT.F28CN.496, DT.F42CN.091, DT.A05CN.180, DT.VFFAL.005, DT.F2KCN.189, DT.F2CCN.E53, DT.VF8AL.005, DT.SJRER.043, DT.GEEAA.004, DT.SLHEQ.007, DL.SLJAL.015, DT.SLJAL.010, DT.F2CCN.L93, DT.VETSM.010, DT.SLJEF.084, DT.VDJEA.096, DT.GEEAA.002, DX4870-UB2b, MC605-EF30, DT.GDNAA.001, M4620G-SI322X, DT.SJQEG.102, DT.GE8AA.001, DT.F2CCN.P19, DT.SFBCN.014, DT.VF8AA.004, DT.VE9AL.011, DT.VF0CN.174, M580, XC600-SD32L, DT.F41CN.106, X4620G-UI7377X, DT.VF0CN.246, DT.VG5SG.001, DT.VFMAL.008, SX2370, DT.VGWTA.002, DT.GE0AA.004, X3470, G3620-MO308, DT.GEGAA.002, X1470-EF308, DT.VFMAL.005, DT.SKECN.023, DL.U7JMF.002, DT.SLQAA.004, DT.F2CCN.K89, DX4870-UB2c, XC600-NR308, DT.SLHAA.001, M6620G-SI534X, X3995-EF308, DT.SJPAA.005, DT.F2CCN.T37, M2610 / M2610G, DT.VEWEK.001, DT.SMTCN.011, DL.SLJAL.018, DT.VF5MC.004, DT.VFMAA.002, DT.VFFAA.003, DT.VFMAA.009, DT.F2CCN.M10, XC600-AD30, XC600-N54D, DT.VF0CN.102, DT.U6MMF.006, DT.F2CCN.P46, M1470, D730 / D730G, AT3-600, M1860, DT.GE0AA.001, DT.F2CCN.J25, DT.VG3CN.038, DT.GEGAA.011, AT3-100, DL.U7JMF.004, X3475-EF328, DT.F2CCN.N01, DT.F41CN.139, DT.F2CCN.Q24, DT.SQHAA.003, DT.SKJAA.003, DL.SLQEQ.001, DL.SLHEQ.002, DX4860-UR29, DT.VG3CN.002, DL.SLJAL.012, M4620G-SI5347X, DT.F2CCN.J32, DT.VFFAA.002, DT.VF7AL.001, DT.SLJAL.016, DX4370-UR10, XC600-AD33, DT.F41CN.064, DT.VF0CN.324, DT.VF1CN.019, DT.GCPAA.002, M4620G-EI3322X, DT.SKJEV.002, DT.VGJAA.002, XC600-SD368, DT.F1WCN.125, SX2110 / SX2110G, DT.VE2EM.047, DT.VDJEK.016, X4620G-I33240X, DT.F2CCN.K62, DT.SKNAA.003, DT.VFFAL.004, Predator, DT.SJLAA.002, iMedia xx.U7J/xx.U7K/xx.U7V/xx.U7Y, DT.F2CCN.M89, DT.F2KCN.152, DT.SJQEZ.051, DT.F28CN.865, DL.SLJAL.011, DT.SLJAA.003, E430 / E430G, DT.VFFSM.015, DT.GDVAA.006, X4620G-UI32130, DT.F32CN.303, SX2110G-UW30, SX2110G-UW318, X4620G-EI3471X, m290, DT.SLJAA.001, M4620G-EI5333X, DT.SLJAA.011, DT.GDDSJ.004, X4610, DL.VDJMC.003, XC600-SD358, DT.VFMEB.011, DT.F2CCN.S01, X3470-EB358, DT.VFMAA.004, E560, DT.SLHEH.006, DT.SM0EQ.005, DT.SLJAL.012, DT.GDYAA.002, X4620G-MO37w, DT.VF8AA.006, DT.SJPSG.013, DT.SLJAA.012, KN.4GB0H.003, DT.SM1CN.020, DL.SLJAL.019, DT.VDJEA.095, M1660, DT.VG3CN.066, DT.SJPER.015, DX4370-UR21, DT.SJQEQ.038, DT.VF0CN.219, DT.F4JCN.186, DT.F2CCN.K46, DT.SLJAL.018, DT.SLHER.001, DT.SLQEQ.002, Founder Junyi, DT.VDJEG.016, DT.SLJAL.011, DT.VF0CN.369, DT.VF0CN.017, E620, M3420-ES348, DT.SJQER.030, DX4380-ER24, DT.F42CN.044, DT.SFBCN.015, DT.F2CCN.N58, N4610, DT.SLJAA.005, DL.SLJAL.022, DT.VGJAA.001, DT.VFMAA.008, T3-600, DT.SLJAL.023, DT.F2CCN.S39, DT.SLJAA.008, DT.F2CCN.M59, M4620G-SI7377X, DT.F2KCN.226, DT.GDDAA.016, X4610G-UI32100, DT.F42CN.039, 1600X, DT.VDJEM.167, XC600-UR13, DT.VDJEK.017, DT.VGWTA.001, XC600-ER39, DT.VFMSV.007, DT.F2CCN.J21, DT.VF0CN.085, DT.SJPSG.014, DT.GE9AA.002, DT.VEYCN.073, DT.VFFET.005, DT.VFMAA.005, DT.VCXAA.001, DX4860-EF23p, SX2370-UR12, DT.VF8EA.008, DT.SNCCF.002, DX4370G-UW308, X4620G-SI737X, XC600-UR12, DT.SLJAL.025, DT.U7JEG.001, Aspire, DT.F2CCN.Q03, DT.SJPEF.033, M290, DT.SLJAL.017, DT.VDNER.025, DT.F2CCN.P69, DT.U7CET.001, D630, DT.VF1CN.040, DT.U7JMF.004, DT.GEEAA.003, DT.VEYCN.054, DT.VF8AL.004, X4620G-EI7377X, DT.VE2EG.012, DT.SLJAA.009, DT.GEPAA.002, X2610 / X2610G, DT.VG3CN.015, DT.F28CN.580, X1470, SX2110G-UW24, DT.U7JEB.002, DT.VFNCN.009, M4620G-EI3218w, M4620G-UI7377X, DT.F2CCN.K63, DT.VFFET.024, DT.F2CCN.J52, DT.SJQSA.021, M3985, M4620 / M4620G, Shangqi, M4620G-MO35w, DT.VF8AA.005, DL.SLJAL.013, E820, XC100, DL.SLJAL.014, DT.SLJAA.006, DT.SKECN.026, DT.SM1AA.001, DT.SLJAL.024, DT.VFFEB.003, DT.VF5EK.001, DX4870-UB318, DT.U7JET.017, DL.GEPAA.001, DT.VGWAL.002, DT.SNDAA.001, S2610 / S2610G, M2611G-SD645X, DT.F32CN.407, DT.SLJAL.019, DT.F2CCN.Q43, G3620-UR318, X4620G-EI5333X, DT.VFFAA.001, DT.F32CN.399, DT.SJ0AA.002, DT.F28CN.795, DT.GEGAA.001, DT.VFMAA.007, DT.SJPAL.001, X4620G, DT.F2CCN.N44, XC600-ES338, DT.VHSSP.020, DT.SLJAL.022, DT.F2CCN.P63, SX2110-UR328, DT.SLJSJ.009, DT.VFFAA.005, DT.F42CN.090, DT.VE0AL.001, iXtreme xx.U6M, DL.SLJAL.009, DT.SPQAA.001, XC600, DT.GE0AA.005, DL.SLJAL.010, DT.F2CCN.G54, M4620G-EI7377X, DT.VDNER.032


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