Acer original RAM module - AC42168

For selected Aspire / ICONIA / Gateway / eMachines / Veriton / Packard Bell / Aspire One / TravelMate / Founder / Founder Xin Yi units

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Acer original RAM module - AC42168

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Acer original RAM memory module

● Install more memory to improve performance and run more applications simultaneously!

● Errors? Blue stop screens? Your memory could be bad. Replace it with this brand new genuine part!

Description: MEM 2GB DDR3 1333 SO-DIMM M471B5773CHS-CH9 SAMSUNG LF 256*8 46NM, SODIMM 2GB DDR3-1333 SAM LF, SAM RAM(2GB)DDR3 M471B5773CHS-CH9 STNBS, 2GZQDRATN00, M471B5773CHS-CH9

Condition: Brand new (not used or refurbished)

Warranty: 90 days

NV57H35M, LU.BT408.006, NX.RK3AL.002, 4743Z-4492, NX.RWCAA.001, LX.RBM0C.018, LX.R4F02.446, LX.RC801.013, 5742-6824, 5742Z-4631, 7551-7422, PQ.VD608.005, LX.WZ802.004, LX.RK20C.053, 5750-6896, NV57H29M, LX.RC802.002, EasyNote TS11-HR, 5742Z-4881, NV57H26u / NV57H43u, 5750-6625, LX.R4402.092, LX.NB00C.002, 4739Z-4645, LU.SEF08.001, 4252, LX.NCP08.006, LX.RQS02.025, NV47H07M, LX.RCR02.002, LX.R4P08.025, LX.WY102.003, 7560-7828, 4739Z-4686, NV59C, 4253-BZ412, PAU30, LX.R4P01.040, LX.R4702.026, 5742-6823, LX.NCZ02.001, LX.RCN02.073, NX.RLYAL.005, LU.SE908.005, LX.RNWAA.001, LX.R9N08.002, LX.RG302.005, LX.WSG02.026, LX.R9P08.003, LX.RMB0C.001, 5750 / 5750G / 5750Z / 5750ZG, LX.RP102.001, 5750-6648, NV75S11u, LX.WZ802.002, LX.RLYAA.001, LX.R7Z02.011, NV75S03u, 4333, 5750G-6804, 5740 / 5740G / 5740Z / 5740ZG, NX.BV3MH.003, 4743Z-4437, 5560G-63424G50MNKK, LX.RCR02.039, 5742-6475, LX.R4402.149, LX.RNT02.136, LX.RAZ02.145, LX.RA401.001, LX.RMF0C.014, LX.RMF01.002, 4253-BZ459, PXXX5, LX.NB608.001, 4250-0882, LX.NBF02.002, LX.TZL03.014, 4252-V441, LX.WYP0C.001, LX.RL201.007, LX.RQ702.002, 5742-462G32MNKK, LX.RVN0C.008, 5552-5205, LX.R9702.106, 4253-BZ823, LX.RMF01.007, NX.WZEAA.002, LX.WYZ02.001, LX.R4F01.081, LX.RRW01.002, 4750-6485, LX.WZH01.001, LX.R4402.218, LX.WX702.004, 5742G-6846, 5560-7476, Packard Bell, LX.RCE02.075, 5755-6686, NX.Y0JAA.001, 5742Z-4492, 5736Z-4402, 4750-6495, 5750-6636, 5742-6863, 5750-6084, D255-1530, LX.RLY02.156, LX.WSG02.036, LX.RLY01.045, NX.WYYAA.004, 4743-6823, E442, LX.WZF02.001, LX.R4F02.152, NX.Y0UAA.001, 5736Z-4460, NX.RRMAL.001, 5750G-9463, LX.RDT01.004, LX.RD508.004, LX.RNZ02.022, LX.R4F02.329, LX.R4F01.067, 5741 / 5741G / 5741Z / 5741ZG, LX.R7H0C.017, NV57H82u, LX.RD802.029, LX.R4B02.017, LX.R4402.253, 5742-6838, LX.R4B02.007, LX.R490C.004, NX.RUNST.003, 5742Z-4687, 4252-V452, 5560-5652, 5750-6420, 4750-6149, 5750-6494, LX.WZF02.003, 5750-6475, LX.D060C.001, LX.R4402.188, NAV70, LX.WM102.016, 5552-7803, 5560-8225, NX.WY1AA.008, LX.WY202.004, NV55S13u, LX.R4F02.043, LX.WZH02.004, LX.RK20C.044, LX.BQB02.026, LX.RD202.002, LX.Y0MAA.001, LX.R6T08.014, 5253 / 5253G, 5552G-7464, 4552-5605, LX.RFK0C.022, LX.R4F02.044, LX.WY102.005, LX.RLY0C.119, 4750-6464, LX.RK208.012, 5741-6441, EasyNote TS13-HR, LX.RMB02.003, 4250-0607, LX.TVQ03.348, LX.RQS01.001, 4733Z-4295, LX.RLY02.297, LX.RQ80C.004, LX.RCR02.007, LX.R4F02.411, LX.WYY02.020, 4253-BZ631, LX.RF702.124, Z292G, LX.RNW02.057, NV57H14M, LX.WZH02.001, LX.RDT0C.034, LX.R4B02.005, LX.WY102.007, LX.RQL02.023, 5560-7855, LX.RS708.002, NX.RVNER.018, 5742-6480, LX.RJW0C.062, 5742-7620, LX.R4F02.476, LX.WY1AA.002, 5560-8640, 4743-6649, LX.R9702.166, LX.RL00C.004, NX.RKJAA.004, LX.RNZ02.063, LX.R4P0C.090, 4253-BZ814, 5552-3857, 4739-6690, NV57H58u, LX.R5802.027, NV55S09h, LX.R7Z08.022, NV75S21u, 4743Z-4671, LX.RNTAA.003, KN2GB0B026, 4750-6867, LX.RDE02.018, LX.R4F0C.093, LU.SC208.011, NV57H45u, LX.R5T0C.010, 4750-6826, NV55C43u, LX.RDE02.030, LX.RB902.008, 5552-6629, LX.WYP01.007, LX.WZH02.006, NX.RP0AA.001, LX.R4P02.146, NX.RKJAA.013, 4755G-9847, LX.RD802.017, LX.R4402.239, NX.RGKAA.002, LX.WXW02.004, LX.WZC01.001, 5552-3706, NV57H13M-MX, LX.R4F02.441, LX.R4B02.025, 4552-5461, LX.WSX02.016, 4250-BZ626, NV75S04u, 4552 / 4552G, PEW76, LX.RNT02.056, LX.R440C.015, LX.RLY02.268, LX.R4402.219, NX.BYNER.006, LX.R7Z02.046, ZQE, 5560-SB256, LX.RD502.005, 5750-9864, 5336, 5750-6461, LX.RN50C.087, R431, 5750-6634, LU.SC208.017, 4743-6656, LX.RSL08.001, 5750-6637, LX.RLY0C.081, 4740-6887, 4743-6462, 5560G-8651, LX.RWK02.025, 4750-6846, LX.R4L02.002, LX.R9702.105, LX.RN50C.075, LX.WZ902.003, 8950G-9487, 8950G-2638G64Bnss, LX.RGK02.014, 4733Z-4681, LU.SDJ0C.027, NV57H83u, LX.RK202.002, LX.R4L02.098, NV57H36M, LX.RMJ01.002, 5252-V518, 5742-6856, NX.RN5EA.001, LX.RMJ0C.004, P5WS0, 5742-6802, LX.R4R01.022, LX.RLY02.244, 4738-6809, LX.R5402.009, NX.WY2AA.003, LX.R5202.043, NX.RQSAA.002, 4253-BZ005, 722, LX.RDT0C.035, 5750-6425, NX.RNTAL.005, MS2347, LX.RA502.063, LX.RCF02.011, LX.R4N01.024, 4253-BZ625, LX.RC80C.027, 5750-6652, LX.RSHAA.001, R410CP, PAV70, 4250-0622, LX.R4F02.373, NV75S20u, LX.RNT02.128, LX.R7Z02.012, LX.R4M01.042, PW.NC4E2.004, LX.R4L02.095, LX.R8Z0C.012, LX.R4F02.333, LX.BR902.041, 4743-6410, LX.R4F02.223, 5552-5686, LX.WXW02.006, 5750-6456, 5552-7659, LX.R440C.063, LX.R4402.184, ZQ8, LX.WSX02.018, 5733-6436, LX.WYT0C.002, LX.RLY02.174, NX.RRWAL.001, NV57H18M, NX.RVNEX.012, LX.RLY02.277, LX.RMC01.001, NV57H31M, LX.RK20C.039, LX.RLYAA.002, LX.RFS0C.023, LX.RC80C.013, 5750-6414, LX.RQS02.072, LX.WXW02.001, LX.TVQ0C.082, 5742Z-4646, 4743-6681, 5750-6604, LX.R4P02.232, 5560G-SB653, LX.R4P02.224, LX.WZPAA.001, NX.RP0AL.003, LX.R9P08.004, LX.R5302.013, LX.R4P02.156, 4738Z-4210, LX.R4F0C.003, LX.R6201.013, LX.R650C.001, NV55S04u, 5750G-9862, LX.RV402.033, 5750-6687, LX.R520C.005, 5750-6866, LX.RLY01.001, LU.BT708.006, LX.R4P02.165, 5742-6874, 5552G-7859, LX.R5201.001, NX.RP0AL.009, LX.R4F02.408, Z291G-MW20S, LX.RLY02.245, NV47H03h, LX.RNTAA.001, LX.RRW01.001, LX.R5302.020, 5750-9292, NX.WY1AA.009, LX.R4B0C.001, LX.RNH02.034, LX.NCB02.041, 4743-6855, LX.R4L0C.034, NX.RNTAA.001, LX.R440C.061, 5742-6692, NX.RURCN.001, Z291G-S400L, LX.R4F02.173, LX.WYY02.030, NX.BXMAL.001, LX.RLY01.046, LX.TVQ03.341, LX.RG302.010, LX.BQ702.017, NV55S37u, D732Z-4800, E732-7096, ZYF, LX.R4F02.052, LX.R4602.025, 4750G-9899, LX.R4M02.099, LX.RNW02.059, NEW95, NX.WYPAL.001, LX.BQN02.005, LX.R4R02.053, 4250-0870, LX.R4F02.388, LX.TZA03.007, 5252-V917, LX.RFS0C.018, LX.D060C.004, D732-6862, 4250-0886, PW.F020C.001, LX.BQN01.008, LX.RD802.019, LX.RK201.009, NX.RVNER.015, LX.PXE02.209, LX.R4P02.080, LX.BL401.007, 5750-6690, PW.NC3E9.011, NX.RN5EK.002, LX.RK308.007, LX.R4F02.481, LX.R6201.014, 5750-6828, 5560-SB835, LX.RK30C.037, LX.NCC08.001, LP1, NX.WX7AL.001, 5742Z-4606, 4750-6408, LX.RFK02.016, 5552-6445, NEW70, LX.WZ902.002, LT2306e, E642 / E642G, 4739-6423, 4250-0872, LX.RC402.074, LX.R4F0C.105, ICONIA-6487, LX.WY202.002, LX.WW602.001, 4739Z-4402, LX.RFK02.018, NV57H20u, 4750-6451, LX.WYT0C.001, 5736Z-4826, LX.RMD02.001, 4755 / 4755G, D728-4079, 5552-3128, 4250-0683, LX.R4P08.024, 5336-2363, NV57H63u, LX.RDE02.004, 5742-7653, 5560G-7809, 5742-6406, LX.WZH02.003, 5552-7819, 5552-5619, 5755G-9680, LX.WZR02.003, LX.R4B02.012, LX.R4P02.044, PW.NC308.006, LX.RDE02.041, 5742-6848, LX.RDE08.007, 4750G-6676, ID49C14u, LX.WZG02.001, 5742-6458, 5742-6615, 5742-7159, LX.RHD0C.014, DO.VD6AA.001, 5742-6683, NX.RKKAA.001, NX.RN5ER.007, LX.R4F02.131, 5336-2615, 4743-6678, 5552G-7632, 4739-6831, 4339-2619, LX.RLX02.054, LX.D0A0C.002, NV75S27u, NV55S12h, 5733-6800, 4750-6430, 5742-6415, LX.R4P02.227, LX.WYP02.004, LX.RMF02.013, 7560G-7622, LX.RK20C.005, LX.R4P08.034, 5552-5435, 5742-6461, LX.WYY01.002, 4253-BZ406, 4743Z-4874, LX.R4F02.414, LX.R4F01.070, LX.R4F02.072, LX.WYY01.004, LX.RCR02.040, LX.R4P0C.044, LX.RK20C.062, LX.RFK01.013, LX.RUR01.001, LX.RMJ01.001, NV57H21M-MX, D528-2496, LX.RD202.024, LX.NBP0C.038, EasyNote TK87, 4750-6685, NX.RK3AL.005, 5742-6814, LX.RDT08.007, LX.V4203.096, 5750Z-4404, 5560-8480, 5750-6699, LX.RMX02.005, LX.R520C.042, LX.RCR02.043, LX.RUZAA.002, LX.RMF01.015, 5552G-7660, LX.TZG03.010, LX.R4J02.012, 5560G-SB468, 5542-3590, NV55C, D443-BZ645, 5733-6816, LX.R9702.124, NEW80, LX.R4L01.031, LX.WYZ02.006, LX.R4608.001, E442-144G32MNKK, LX.R4P02.147, LX.RBN0C.008, 5750-6423, 5560-SB609, 5560-SB401, LX.RMJ0C.002, 7560-SB688, PEW86, NX.RQ6EP.001, 5336-2460, LX.WX702.001, P5WE6, ZRC, 5350-2448, LX.NBP0C.042, LX.TZ903.038, 4750G-9494, LU.SDR0C.031, LX.R4F02.097, LX.RD502.020, LX.R7Z08.001, NV57H, LX.RB902.079, LX.RC402.031, ZQ5, NV75S07h, LX.R5X0C.107, LX.NBQ0C.036, 5742-6495, LX.RC802.003, 5742-6887, LX.R4M02.106, NV55S, LX.RBM0C.009, PW.NC401.006, ICONIA-6886, LX.R4F02.048, NX.RP0AL.001, 4253, Q220-4E71, D732-6460, LX.RL802.032, 5742-7645, LX.WY102.001, LX.RLY02.073, LX.R4602.023, LX.RF702.123, LX.RDT0C.032, 5742Z-4452, LX.RCA0C.001, NX.RPVAA.003, LX.R4F02.154, 4752 / 4752G / 4752Z / 4752ZG, LX.R4402.263, LX.R4L02.015, LX.RNQ01.002, LX.RNT02.068, PQ.VD601.001, LX.R7H02.008, NX.RK2AL.005, 4750-6401, LX.WZG02.004, LX.R4G08.002, LX.RLC01.005, NS45HR-855, 5742-6864, 5742Z-4278, LX.RQL02.078, LX.R5P02.022, 5742Z-4824, LX.R4P02.157, 5742-7396, Founder, 5560-SB487, LX.RNQ01.003, LX.RNX01.006, LX.R7L0C.043, LX.TZA03.006, 5742-6800, LX.R8C02.005, LX.RJE0C.022, 5742-6605, 5736Z-4076, LU.SDP0C.020, LX.R4P02.158, LX.R4402.173, LX.R4F0C.077, 5560-7414, NV57H16M, 4739-6654, 5742G-6426, LX.R4F02.297, LX.RB40C.011, PQ.VBKEC.001, LX.BR701.002, LX.WSG02.035, NV55C11e, 5742-6853, LX.RLY02.198, 5750-6842, NX.WYYAL.001, LX.RMJ0C.001, LX.RNT02.132, 4743-6614, NV55S28u, NV55S09u, 5742-7047, LX.R4L02.096, LX.WZ802.003, LX.R4402.133, LX.RMD02.003, 5552-3691, 5252-V668, 4738Z-4257, NX.RS7AL.001, NV57H15M, LX.R7Y0C.013, PQ.VBK03.015, 5560G-SB448, 5750-6439, LX.R4F02.295, LX.RLE0C.012, LX.RJW02.013, LX.R580C.001, 5750G-6652, LX.R4M02.097, 5560-8605, 5742-6671, LX.RLY0C.067, LX.RNT02.019, NX.RP0AL.012, LX.RFK01.006, LX.RBN0C.006, LX.RMJ02.005, LX.RFK0C.021, LX.WZT02.001, 5253-BZ843, 5742Z-4586, 5742Z-4479, LX.RLY02.288, LX.R4L01.032, LX.RMF01.009, LX.RLX02.104, 5750-6887, 4750-6815, 4743Z-4406, LX.R4F01.061, LX.R5302.057, LX.RFK0C.020, PEW71, LX.R4F02.171, LX.WYY02.007, LX.RC602.033, dot se2, LX.WYY02.018, 4253-0885, PQ.VBK03.007, NX.RL8AA.002, LX.R4F01.091, LX.NB708.001, NV47H02h, LX.R7K0C.053, 5750Z-4885, NX.RN5AL.003, LX.R4P02.164, LX.WX702.008, 4739-6879, LX.NBP0C.044, LX.NE30C.005, NX.RKJAA.006, LX.R4F02.277, 5742Z-4459, LX.R4F02.185, NX.R97AA.001, LX.R4X02.012, 5742-6440, 4250-0416, Veriton, LX.WSG02.004, 5750-6615, 5742-6811, LX.R5202.038, NX.BWLAL.001, LX.WX702.003, NV55S05u, LX.RHD0C.018, LX.R7Z0C.014, LX.R4F01.030, LX.R6T0C.028, EasyNote NS11-HR, LX.NE30C.006, 4552-5687, 5742Z-4476, LX.R4402.256, 5750Z-4877, LX.R7L0C.036, 5742-7342, LX.WXW02.007, LX.RFS08.006, NV55C03u, ICONIA-6673, 4750-6613, LX.NE301.001, LX.RL802.079, LX.WZ802.001, LX.RMF01.001, 5742Z-4640, NV55S03u, LX.RCF01.002, 4750-6856, LX.R5802.021, LX.WZC01.002, LX.RLX02.086, LX.RK208.015, 5750-6489, LX.BQ508.002, LX.RFK01.005, LX.RK30C.024, LX.RFK0C.019, LX.R4P02.163, 5742-6413, LX.R4M02.096, 5750-6810, LX.RNU02.018, LX.RDT02.001, LX.NBP0C.043, Happy, 5253-BZ602, EasyNote NS44-HR, LX.RBM0C.016, 5750-9668, 5252-V496, 4743-6651, LX.WYY01.003, LX.RBN0C.001, LX.RK201.011, LX.RMD0C.001, LX.RHY02.022, 5742Z-4609, LX.NE30C.008, HAPPY-1376, 4739Z-4860, LX.R440C.047, NV57H17u, LX.RLY02.024, LU.BT408.032, 5560-SB431, NX.RN5AA.004, 4739-6603, LX.RMA02.003, LX.R4F02.132, LX.NCB0C.015, LX.RC402.082, dot se, LX.R9702.104, LX.RUSAA.001, LX.WYY02.043, 5742-6428, LX.NE308.001, LX.R4P02.142, 5742G-6600, LX.RMF0C.010, LX.R4F02.353, 5552-5898, 4739-6895, LX.R7802.004, 5750-6422, NV57H99u, Gateway, NX.RUNSA.001, LX.RLY02.158, LX.RDU02.003, Z291G, NV55S39u, 7560-7811, LX.WY202.001, LX.RK20C.054, NX.WZCAA.002, NV53A, LX.RMU02.023, LX.RBQ0C.004, LX.WYY02.035, LX.R4402.210, LX.BWHAL.001, 4750G-9617, 5742-6831, D443-BZ614, LX.RNT02.092, Z290G, D260, NX.RXPER.002, Z291G-S5001, 5742Z-4474, LX.R7K02.021, LX.TZ903.037, 4750-6887, 5552 / 5552G, 5742-6690, NX.R97AA.002, LX.RLC0C.002, LX.WZ902.001, LX.RDE02.027, LX.RLX02.085, LX.R9702.067, 7560-7657, 5560-7679, 4250-BZ637, LX.R4702.030, LX.R460C.018, LX.RLY02.104, LX.RC80C.048, LX.R9N08.001, NV57H57u, NX.RN5EH.008, LX.RQ701.003, LX.RP00C.026, D255-1716, LX.RNQ08.001, NV57H59u, Founder Xin Yi, LX.RMA01.001, 5750-6677, LX.WYP02.001, 4750-6436, 5736Z-4423, LX.RJE0C.001, 5742-6682, MS2308, Z291G-MR80S, LX.RMF02.019, NV59C66u, PEW96, LX.R5X0C.114, NV57H23M-MX, LU.SFR0C.026, MS2343, 5736Z-4408, LX.Y0102.002, LX.RFK02.011, 5750-6852, 5560-SB613, LX.RMT01.001, LX.WYR02.001, 4750-6432, LX.RDD02.001, NX.RNWSA.001, 5750G-9086, LX.R7C0C.004, LX.WZ30C.001, LX.R5302.035, LX.RLY02.189, 4743Z-4888, LX.WYY02.011, LX.RXP01.007, LX.RA402.195, LX.WY202.003, 5750-6438, LX.WX702.007, 5742-6878, LX.RDQ0C.009, LX.R4M01.044, LX.R4F0C.104, LX.R4F02.167, LX.RM801.001, LX.R4402.249, LX.RK208.007, NV55S02u, 4750G-9429, 5736Z-4790, NV55S20u, 5750Z-4879, 5736Z-4879, 5560-7638, Z291G-SD525S, 5750-6603, NV57H46u, 4750-6857, 5552-5498, 4250-3875, 5742-6674, LX.RD808.002, LX.RFK01.002, 4739-6864, NV57H03h, LX.WY102.012, LX.WYY02.034, LX.R4602.026, LU.SDR08.010, LX.RDT0C.002, LX.R4L02.088, LX.R4F0C.078, LU.SC108.010, 5742-7120, 4739Z-4823, 4738Z-4692, LU.SFF02.001, NV75S02u, eMachines, LX.RNU02.024, ID49C04h, 4552-3494, 5742-6402, 4743Z-4430, PQ.VD609.001, 5750-6478, NX.WZCAL.001, LU.SEF0C.015, 5736 / 5736G / 5736Z, LX.RCF02.049, LX.R7L01.003, 4250-BZ607, LX.RFS0C.019, LX.R580C.022, 5552-7474, 5552-7858, LX.R9L08.001, NX.RLYAL.004, LX.RNT02.076, LX.RDA02.008, LX.RK20C.009, NX.RKJAA.003, LX.RDT0C.036, 4750-6866, 5736Z-4016, LX.NCA02.018, LX.RP002.002, NV57H62u, 5552-6838, 5350-2475, LX.NB602.023, LX.R4402.250, 5252, 4750-6897, NV57H17M, 4250-0806, 4750 / 4750G, LX.RNT02.070, 4743-6613, Z290G-UD525w, LX.BQB02.032, LX.RKKAA.001, 5560-SB659, LX.WY102.009, 5742-6977, NV55S14u, LX.RNT02.094, LX.R4S01.001, LX.NCA0C.013, NX.RP0AL.005, 5750-6645, 4750-6419, LX.RNQ08.003, LX.RC602.054, NV57H15u, 5560-SB410, LX.WYY02.004, 5750Z-4830, 4750G-9849, NV57H21h, 5552-7260, LX.RSD08.001, LX.R7Z0C.035, LX.WYY02.029, 5750-6664, LU.WP308.001, LU.SG302.068, LX.R4F02.412, 5736Z-4373, LX.R7Y0C.021, EasyNote TS45-HR, D443-BZ484, 4552-5460, 5560-SB672, LX.WYZ02.004, 5750-6897, LX.RL902.036, LX.RMF02.012, LX.V4203.097, 5560-SB653, LX.RDT08.015, LX.RDT01.009, NX.WZ9AA.002, PQ.VD6P8.002, 4250-0442, D443-BZ407, 4739-6886, 4738-383G50MNCc, 4750-6642, PW.NC4E9.011, PQ.VD6P8.001, 5742 / 5742G / 5742Z / 5742ZG, LX.RKJ02.056, LX.R4F02.291, LX.R7J0C.013, 7551 / 7551G, LX.WX701.001, LX.R4P02.213, NX.WY1AA.003, 5560 / 5560G, LX.WZE02.001, 4739Z-4424, NV47H, LX.R5802.040, NV75S, LX.R9P08.001, LX.RD502.031, Aspire, LX.R4P02.110, LU.SDP08.008, 5552G-7893, LX.WZG02.003, NV75S14u, 5742-6624, LX.RWT02.016, 4750G-9604, LX.RNTAA.002, LX.RCN02.041, LX.R7Z08.021, LX.R4402.243, LX.R4P02.201, NX.WY1AA.006, D732-6804, 5742-7755, LX.RD502.028, LX.RDE01.007, LX.PW002.178, PEW72, LX.RNZ01.004, 5336-2281, NX.Y12AA.001, LX.RMJ01.009, 5742G-5464G50MNKK, 5742-6488, 5552-5495, LX.R5P02.017, LX.R4L01.047, LX.RLC0C.005, LX.R4401.011, LX.RMD02.002, LX.R9702.184, 5750-6621, LX.R4F02.480, 4253-BZ868, LX.R5202.007, 4750-6625, 4250-0483, LX.RLY01.002, 5736Z-4846, D443, 7560-SB882, LX.R4R02.003, NV51M, 4250-0800, LX.WSG02.046, 4743 / 4743G / 4743Z / 4743ZG, LX.R9702.066, LX.RDE01.009, 5742Z-4867, NX.WYYAL.002, LX.WYY01.001, LX.RLX02.053, 5750-6421, NX.RURAA.001, ID49C05M-MX, LU.SE908.041, P5WE0, 4750-6407, NV47H09M, 5750-6589, LX.R4R02.020, LX.RLY02.074, LX.RDE08.006, LX.RMF0C.003, LX.NBP01.004, LX.RDT0C.014, 4750-6820, 5542 / 5542G, LX.R4A0C.004, LX.RNZ02.024, LX.RUS02.004, 5742-6439, 4750-6658, NV75S23u, 4750-6868, 5750-6627, LX.R5X02.056, 7560 / 7560G, LX.RMJ0C.005, 7551G-7459, 4750-6463, LX.R4F02.371, LX.R5X0C.116, LX.RC90C.034, 533, NV57H48u, 5560G-SB485, LX.R6T0C.054, 5750G-6653, 4738-7664, LX.R5W02.022, 5750-9422, LX.WX702.005, LX.RGK02.001, LX.R4402.002, LX.RMU02.024, LX.R4B02.011, LX.R4F02.275, EZ1700, 5750G-9629, LX.RP108.002, 7560-SB833, 4739Z-4659, 4253-0420, D443-BZ668, NX.RN5EK.005, LX.RDE08.010, LX.RCR02.047, 5552-5664, 4733Z, LX.RLY02.111, 4739-6622, EasyNote TM83, NX.RK2AL.003, 5750-6629, NV57H70u, 4743Z-4603, 5755G-6491, LX.RCF02.110, 5750-6880, 5750-6694, LX.R4P02.061, 5560-7602, LX.R4M01.047, LX.R4B02.019, LX.WYY02.040, LX.RDR08.004, LX.RL308.001, 5560G-SB413, 5742-7152, 5742Z-4615, LX.WZC02.001, NX.RWKAL.001, NV55S15u, NV57H101u, 5750G-9450, LX.RDD02.008, LX.WYR01.002, LX.R4F02.276, LX.RLY02.042, LX.R4F01.079, LX.RD702.002, LX.RLY02.102, LX.R4402.262, LX.RLY02.199, NV47H05M, LU.SEB08.001, 5750-6854, 5336-2524, NV55S17u, NX.RURTA.001, LX.TZC02.012, LX.R4L02.054, 4743-6867, LX.WYP02.005, LX.RCN02.027, 5552-5890, 4250-0878, LX.RC402.067, LU.SBY08.029, LX.R9702.107, 4750-6444, NX.RN5EA.004, 5742Z-4685, LX.RWC02.010, LX.NB60C.006, 5552-7668, 7560-7183, LX.RDT0C.018, LX.RMF0C.012, LX.WZG02.002, LX.R530C.001, LX.WRE02.001, LU.SG30C.022, LX.R5U0C.002, LX.BX702.012, 4253-0830, LX.R4L02.014, LX.R4P02.230, NV57H14h, 5742-6657, LX.WZ902.004, LX.RD202.017, LX.RLY02.181, ICONIA-6120, NX.WZCAA.003, 5742-6639, LX.RLD0C.016, NV47H03m, NV57H05h, LX.R5X01.003, D443-BZ686, PEW91, 722-0879, 5742Z-4404, NV55C09e, 5742Z-4986, LX.RK20C.061, NX.RLYAL.002, 4750-6825, LX.RMF01.008, 5742-7151, EasyNote TS11-SB, LX.NBP0C.033, LX.RNT02.069, 5750-6867, LX.RMU02.149, LX.R7Z02.023, NV53A22e, NEW90, 4250-0481, E442-142G16MNKK, NV47H04M, LT2310e, 5552G-7641, LX.WM902.025, 5742-7789, LX.R4P02.020, LX.RQS02.073, 4750-6462, 5750G-6873, LX.RMF02.018, LX.R4F0C.136, LX.R4702.028, NV57H30M, LX.RL802.042, LX.WYY02.008, 4750-6431, NX.BWREG.007, LX.R8B02.002, LX.RLY0C.105, LX.R4402.267, NV57H38M, LX.R5202.034, 5552-7650, 5750-6493, LX.RNT02.093, Z291G-UD5250w, TravelMate, 5742-6484, 4750 / 4750G / 4750Z / 4750ZG, LX.RK208.003, LX.RDF02.001, LX.BKT01.001, NX.RN5EM.027, LX.R440C.056, LX.R6T0C.081, LX.RL802.022, LX.RQ701.004, NV55S24u, 5736Z-4867, 722-0473, EasyNote LS44-SB, NX.RLYAL.003, NV47H06M, LX.R4F02.096, 5742G-7200, 5750-6661, NV57H54u, 4740 / 4740G / 4740Z, LX.RMF0C.004, LX.R5X0C.117, LX.R4F02.448, LX.WZH02.002, 4743Z-4861, NS44HR-655, LX.R4L02.101, 4252-V607, 5920 / 5920G, D255 / D255E, D642, NV55C12e, 5742-6638, 4252-V468, E730 / E730G / E730Z / E730ZG, NX.RNTAL.002, 4739Z-4632, 5350, LX.RDE02.020, 5350-2413, LX.RB902.090, LX.RLY02.187, 5742-6668, LX.RFS0C.020, 5750-6877, LX.RLC0C.018, Z291G-MO30S, LX.R4402.053, NV75S17u, 5552-7686, LX.R440C.010, LX.R4F02.031, 7560-7808, NV57H43u, LX.RMF01.011, LX.RLY0C.057, LX.RL802.011, LX.RFK02.017, 4750-6827, LX.R4P08.028, LX.RMF02.015, LX.R7K0C.039, 5736Z-4890, LX.WXW02.008, 5742Z-4403, NV75S33u, NV55S36u, LX.R4P0C.072, 4552-7432, LX.RK20C.043, LX.NB602.022, NV57H39M, 4253-BZ030, LX.R4401.013, NX.WYZAL.001, 5750G-9656, NV57H20h, LX.R4F02.312, LX.RGK02.015, LX.WYR02.004, LX.R4F02.278, LX.R4F02.451, LX.RK208.013, LX.RFK0C.026, 5750-6403, LX.R4402.183, LX.RLY02.026, 5252-V916, NV47H02e, 5742-6696, ZQA, NX.RLYAL.006, NX.RK3AL.003, LX.R4B02.016, NV57H19u, 5736Z-4646, 5742-6846, 5736Z-4085, LX.Y0802.001, 5253-BZ489, 5742-7295, LX.RJ002.074, LX.R4P02.021, LX.RF702.122, LX.R4F02.309, NV57H37M, LX.R7Z08.014, 5742-6691, LX.RJ001.026, LX.NC802.007, NX.WZ8AA.002, PQ.VC00C.004, 5552-3036, 7560-7618, LX.RLY02.040, 4750-6487, LX.R620C.041, LU.SC308.010, LX.NE30C.003, LX.R4F02.475, 5750-6870, LT23, Z290G-UD5252w, NV47H02u, NX.RNLAL.001, 4739-6670, 4738-6605, 5750-6646, LX.RNT02.057, LX.RLD0C.012, 5750-6612, PQ.VD6P8.005, LX.R4F02.470, NV57H15h, LX.RLY01.003, LX.R5202.031, NX.RKJAA.014, 5750-6643, LX.RFS0C.021, LX.D0B0C.003, LU.SC308.006, 5742-6678, LX.R6T0C.046, LX.WSG02.024, NS44HR-687, NV57H24M-MX, PEW92, NV57H71u, LX.TVF03.143, LX.RLY02.159, LX.R4M02.032, NX.RURED.007, LX.RLY0C.106, LX.RL201.001, LU.SDJ0C.023, 5560-7696, NX.WYYAA.002, LU.SDJ08.011, NV75S16u, LX.R4R08.016, 5750-6872, 5742-6580, 5742-6494, 5350-2841, D255E-13665, D528, LX.RMX02.083, NV55C02R, LX.R6202.028, 5552-7403, 4750G-9303, LX.R8008.002, 5750Z-4499, 4755G-9849, KN.2GB0B.026, LX.RFS02.003, LX.R4G01.004, 4739Z-4671, LU.BT608.006, NV55S07u, 5742-6331, 8950 / 8950G, LX.R7E0C.009, NX.RP0SV.002, NX.R97AL.002, LX.RP001.012, LX.R4M02.057, 5742-6353, LX.NBQ08.006, LX.RJE01.009, LX.RLY0C.066, LX.WYY02.019, LX.RLE0C.001, 4743-6452, LX.R4H02.011, LX.R4402.252, 4743-6624, NX.RK2AL.001, 4739-6650, NX.RKJAA.016, NV75S25u, 4739Z-4637, NV57H16u, 4750-6801, LX.WY102.006, LX.R4L0C.041, 4743-6674, NV55C01R, LX.RMU02.095, 4250-0402, LX.BQB02.037, LX.R5X0C.108, LX.R7K0C.054, LX.RMF01.010, LX.R4M02.008, 5750Z-4620, LX.RKK02.026, LX.R4F02.450, LX.R4L02.104, LX.R4L01.049, LX.RBL0C.012, EasyNote TM85, NV57H34M, LX.R4F02.311, 4252-V342, LX.WXW02.003, PEW56, 7560-SB619, LX.RC802.022, LX.RFS08.007, 5742Z-4656, 5742-6662, NX.D16CQ.008, LX.R4F01.058, LX.R4F01.071, NV75S32u, LX.RDL0C.002, LX.R4P01.009, NX.RN5EK.001, 4739Z-4647, 5750-6811, LX.R4402.108, 5742G-6456, 5552-7490, LX.WZF01.001, 5560-7892, NX.RVNEA.003, EZ1711, 5750Z-4477, NV75S06h, D732 / D732G / D732Z / D732ZG, 5252-V440, LX.WYP02.003, 5733 / 5733Z, 5742-6634, LX.RMJ0C.003, 5742-6804, LX.R4F01.074, LX.RFK02.014, 5736Z-4336, LX.RDD02.009, NV57H77u, LX.RLY02.157, 5560-SB433, LX.RK208.014, LX.RLY02.025, D728, LX.BR702.002, LX.WYY02.032, LX.RLY02.109, LX.R4F02.330, 4743Z-4660, LX.R4P08.027, LX.R4P02.182, LX.RMF01.014, LX.RNW02.011, LX.WYYAA.001, LX.WYY02.031, 4739Z-4871, LX.RCR02.018, LX.RFS08.011, NV75S26u, LX.WZG01.001, 5552-3452, LX.RCF02.139, 5560-7851, LX.RJW0C.068, LX.RF702.052, LX.R4F02.036, LX.R4F0C.133, E732 / E732G / E732Z / E732ZG, NV55C01e, LX.RFK01.004, LX.NB702.038, LX.WZC02.006, LX.WZE02.002, LX.NB708.004, NV57H102u, LU.SFT02.171, 5736Z-4031, EasyNote TK85, NX.BZUER.003, LX.R4S01.002, D260-13992, NV57H32M, NEW50, 5750-9851, 4743-6658, 5742-6643, ZQP, LX.R4902.016, LX.BL201.009, 4750-6458, NV57H73u, LX.RMF0C.019, 5742-6430, 5560-7653, LX.RQ702.007, LX.R4F02.292, 4743-6670, 5560-7402, NV57H50u, LX.RDT08.021, LX.R4G08.004, PAV01, 5755 / 5755G, NX.BZ0AL.001, LX.R5302.079, LX.WY102.011, NX.M1TSI.001, LX.RMF0C.005, LX.RGK02.021, NV57H44u, LX.RLX01.019, 5750G-6824, LX.RLY02.217, LX.RDT08.010, 5736Z-4835, LX.RNW02.028, LX.RQ701.006, LX.R7Z02.038, 5750-6451, NX.WZFAA.001, LX.WZC02.002, EasyNote TK81, 5253-BZ481, 5742Z-4621, 4755G-6849, 5552-3286, ZD1, LX.R4M02.034, LX.RB902.089, NV57H80u, LX.RK30C.048, LX.R4F0C.135, NV55C49u, 5750Z-4882, LX.WM902.029, 5253-BZ888, LX.R4P01.043, LX.R4F02.310, LX.R6201.010, LX.RFK0C.043, 4339, LX.RLY02.041, 5742Z-4629, 4333-2240, LX.R4F02.001, 5750G-9639, 4743Z-4681, 4339-2618, NV57H33u, 5742-6602, MS2310, NV57H13u, LX.WM902.021, 5742-6442, 5252-V305, LX.WYY02.028, LX.NBJ0C.010, P1VE6, 4750G-9485, LX.NBQ02.001, 5750-6834, 5552-6829, NV57H06h, NV57H19M-MX, 5742-6938, 4750-6654, LX.WZ9AA.001, LX.RP00C.011, NX.RP0AL.007, ID49C, ZQH, LX.R5X02.054, LX.WSG02.050, EasyNote NS45, LX.R4G0C.025, LX.RL801.024, LX.RLY02.149, 4250, LX.RDE08.009, 5552-7864, 7560G-8612, LX.RLY02.302, Aspire One, 5742-6867, ICONIA, LX.R4402.187, 5750-6602, LX.R4G02.060, LU.WP008.003, 5750G-6496, 5742Z-4649, D732-6417, LX.R6W0C.011, 5736Z-4449, LX.RMU02.075, 5742-5464G50MNKK, LX.R970C.015, NV55S22u, LX.WZC02.004, NX.RK3AL.006, 5742Z-4813, LX.R4702.015, LX.R4402.069, NX.WYRAL.001, LU.WP308.003, LX.R8C02.015, LX.RLY02.269, LX.WWM02.005, LX.RLYAA.003, NV55S38u, PEW51, 5742-6849, 5742-6497, NX.RN5ER.005, 4743-6416, LX.R4F02.305, LX.WYY02.027, LX.RJW01.005, 4253-BZ653, NV57H84u, 5750-6667, 5552-7420, LX.WYY02.025, LX.R4F02.002, NV57H22u, 4253-0672, 5552-3800, 5750-6820, LX.WZS02.001, LX.TVF02.128, LX.RLY02.323, NV55S19u, 5736Z-4339, LX.RFS01.002, 4739 / 4739Z, 4738 / 4738G / 4738Z / 4738ZG, NS11HR-848

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Acer original RAM module - AC42168

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