Acer original motherboard - AC38164

For: Aspire 5252, 5552, 5552G & eMachines E442, E642, E642G & Gateway NV50A & Packard Bell EasyNote TK81, EasyNote TK83

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Product Description (Please Read Carefully)

Acer original motherboard (main system board)

Replace your failed motherboard with this genuine Acer part!

Description: MAINBOARD AS5552 AMD RS880M LF, MAIN BD UMA AS5552 LF, 461942BOL01, 71GS01BO011

Condition: Brand new (not used or refurbished)

Warranty: 90 days

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PEW86, 5552-7858, E642-P342G32MNKK, LX.R4402.087, LX.BQB02.062, LX.R4702.028, LX.R4602.026, LX.R4402.105, LX.R4402.089, 5552-5495, LX.BQB02.014, LX.R440C.056, LX.R4402.053, LX.R460C.018, NV50A02u, LX.NB70C.001, 5552-3286, LX.NB602.023, LX.R4402.075, LX.R4D02.004, LX.R4702.015, LX.R4402.002, LX.NB702.020, LX.R4402.210, 5552-3452, LX.NBF0C.001, Packard Bell, 5552-7686, 5252-V668, 5252-V305, 5552-3857, LX.R4402.054, M, 5552-3124, LX.NB60C.021, LX.R4402.267, LX.R4B02.016, LX.R4E0C.003, LX.R4B02.019, LX.R4402.219, LX.R4B08.006, LX.R4402.256, LX.R4B02.017, LX.R4402.218, 5552-3680, LX.R4B0C.009, LX.R4B02.011, LX.R440C.068, LX.R8R08.004, 5552-P323G32MNKK, LX.NB70C.033, LX.R4B02.012, 5552-3036, LX.R4B02.013, LX.NBF02.002, LX.R4401.017, LX.NB608.003, LX.R4402.271, LX.R460C.002, LX.NB70C.017, LX.R4402.263, 5552-3153, 5552-3706, PEW96, LX.R4608.001, LX.R4402.231, LX.R440C.027, NV50A16u, 5552-5205, LX.BQB0C.008, 5552-3557, LX.R4402.149, 5552-3942, LX.R440C.005, LX.R440C.047, LX.NB60C.004, LX.R4402.262, eMachines, 5552-3917, E442-162G25MNKK, LX.R4402.173, LX.R4402.184, LX.R4B02.025, LX.NB702.061, 5252-V440, 5552-6629, LX.NB702.011, LX.BQB02.026, 5552 / 5552G, LX.WSH02.009, 5552-3800, 5552-3826, LX.R460C.005, E642 / E642G, LX.R4402.072, LX.NB702.024, LX.NB708.001, LX.NB608.001, E442-V133, 5552-5619, 5552-5664, MBR4602001, LX.R4402.187, LX.BQB02.067, 5552-3749, LX.R440C.001, LX.R4B02.009, LX.NBF02.003, 5252-V518, NV50A10u, 5552-3922, LX.BQB02.037, 5552-7819, LX.WSH02.012, LX.R4702.013, LX.NBF02.007, LX.BQD02.009, LX.WSH02.013, EasyNote TK81, LX.NB708.004, LX.NB702.038, LX.BQD08.003, LX.NB702.070, LX.R4602.023, LX.R8R08.001, LX.R4402.040, 5552-3343, NV50A04e, LX.R4402.060, LX.R4702.026, LX.R4B02.007, LX.BQB02.032, 5552-5498, 5552-7803, LX.NB60C.006, LX.R4401.013, LX.R4701.001, LX.R4708.001, LX.R8R08.002, 5552-7864, LX.R440C.009, LX.NB602.022, LX.NB70C.007, LX.R440C.063, LX.R8R08.005, LX.R440C.015, LX.R440C.008, LX.WSY02.001, LX.NBF0C.003, LX.R470C.012, LX.R460C.016, LX.R4B08.001, LX.R4402.098, 5552-6445, LX.R4402.243, 5552-7668, 5252, 5552-5890, LX.R440C.062, LX.R4B02.005, LX.R4402.252, LX.R440C.061, LX.R4401.011, LX.R4B08.004, LX.NB702.012, LX.R4402.249, 5552-7474, LX.R4E02.005, LX.WSH0C.004, LX.NB702.051, LX.R4402.042, 5252-V333, LX.R4402.092, 5252-V955, LX.BQB0C.006, E442-V634, LX.R4B0C.001, 5552-5686, LX.R4B08.009, LX.NB602.036, LX.R4B02.008, LX.R4402.067, LX.R4702.030, Aspire, LX.R4402.108, 5252-V090, LX.R4402.238, Gateway, LX.R4402.253, 5252-V916, EasyNote TK83, 5552-7403, LX.R4402.239, E442, LX.R4402.080, 5552-5898, 5552-5435, LX.R4402.082, 5252-V917, LX.R4402.081, LX.R4402.188, 5552-7650, 5252-V496, 5552-7260, LX.R8S08.001, LX.R4402.179, LX.NB70C.034, LX.R4402.069, LX.NB602.043, LX.R440C.059, 5252-V756, LX.R4402.068, LX.WSY08.001, 5552-6829, LX.R4402.250, LX.R4402.183, 5252-V340, LX.R470C.013, LX.NB702.063, 5552-3691, LX.NB702.052, 5552-7659, LX.R4702.004, 5552-7490, E442-142G16MNKK, LX.NBF02.004, LX.R4402.076, MB.R4602.001, LX.NB702.048, LX.R4408.004, LX.BQB02.059, 5552-3128, LX.R4602.025, E442-V889, NV50A, 5552-7420, 5552-3104, LX.R4401.012, LX.BQB08.003, 5552-7677, LX.R440C.010, 5552-6838, LX.NB702.047, E442-V429, PEW76, LX.R440C.018, E442-144G32MNKK, LX.R4402.133
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