Acer Aspire 3000, 5000 & TravelMate 4000, 4060 & 4500 LCD data/inverter cable for 15.4"

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Product Description (Please Read Carefully)

Acer original LCD data / inverter cable for 15.4" WXGA screen

Part numbers: 50.T50V7.006, 50T50V7006, DD0ZL5LC300

Condition: Brand new (not used or refurbished)

Warranty: 90 days

Compatible with the following products:


  • Aspire 3000 Series (Model ZL5)

    • 3002LC (LX.A5505.025, LX.A5505.136, LX.A5505.231, LX.A5505.472, LX.A5505.474)
    • 3002LCi (LX.A5505.107, LX.A5505.108, LX.A5505.130, LX.A5505.131, LX.A5505.263, LX.A5505.272, LX.A5506.263)
    • 3002LMi (LX.A5505.060, LX.A5505.127, LX.A5505.319)
    • 3002NLC (LX.A550C.020)
    • 3002WLCi (LX.A5505.100, LX.A5505.102, LX.A5505.104, LX.A5506.005, LX.A5506.006, LX.A5506.007, LX.A5506.008)
    • 3002WLM (LX.A5505.191)
    • 3002WLMi (LX.A5505.109, LX.A5505.110, LX.A5505.227, LX.A5505.346)
    • 3003LC (LX.A5505.350, LX.A5505.388, LX.A5505.706)
    • 3003LCi (LX.A5505.268, LX.A5505.604, LX.A5505.609)
    • 3003LM (LX.A5505.678)
    • 3003LMi (LX.A5505.735)
    • 3003NLC (LX.A550C.021, LX.A550C.044)
    • 3003WCi (LX.A5505.228)
    • 3003WLCi (LX.A5505.237, LX.A5505.270, LX.A5505.271, LX.A5505.591, LX.A5505.593, LX.A5505.597, LX.A5505.626, LX.A5505.A66, LX.A5506.002, LX.A5506.004, LX.A5506.014)
    • 3003WLMi (LX.A5505.091, LX.A5505.318, LX.A5505.331, LX.A5505.337, LX.A5505.625, LX.A5506.011)
    • 3004LC (LX.A5505.029, LX.A5505.172, LX.A5505.288, LX.A5505.309, LX.A5505.335, LX.A5505.766, LX.A5505.782, LX.A5505.981)
    • 3004LCi (LX.A5505.069, LX.A5505.A69)
    • 3004LMi (LX.A5505.A73, LX.A5505.A91)
    • 3004LWLMi (LX.A5505.882)
    • 3004NWLMi (LX.A550C.071)
    • 3004WLCi (LX.A5505.A74)
    • 3004WLMi (LX.A5505.494, LX.A5505.833, LX.A5505.873, LX.A5505.A62, LX.A5505.A63, LX.A5505.A64, LX.A5505.A81, LX.A5505.A88, LX.A5505.D26)
    • 3005WLCi (LX.A5506.028)
    • 3005WLMi (LX.A5505.482, LX.A5505.485, LX.A5505.490, LX.A5505.498, LX.A5505.B96, LX.A5505.B97)

  • TravelMate 4060 Series (Model ZL8)

    • 4061NWLCi (LX.TAK0C.031)
    • 4061WLCi (LX.TAK05.089, LX.TAK05.090, LX.TAK05.133, LX.TAK05.134)
    • 4061WLMi (LX.TAK05.136, LX.TAK06.045, LX.TAK06.046, LX.TAK06.048, LX.TAK06.071, LX.TAK06.073)
    • 4062LCi (LX.TAK05.293, LX.TAK06.229)
    • 4062LMi (LX.TAK05.297, LX.TAK06.104, LX.TAK06.230)
    • 4062WLCi (LX.TAK06.075)
    • 4062WLMi (LX.TAK05.169, LX.TAK05.174, LX.TAK05.301, LX.TAK06.079, LX.TAK06.080, LX.TAK06.082, LX.TAK06.115, LX.TAK06.116)
    • 4064WLMi (LX.TAK06.067, LX.TAK06.068, LX.TAK06.069)

  • Aspire 5000 Series (Model ZL5)

    • 3002WLCi (LX.A5106.011, LX.A5106.012)
    • 5001LMi (LX.A5105.058, LX.A5105.059)
    • 5002LC (LX.A5105.090, LX.A5105.094, LX.A5105.296, LX.A5105.383)
    • 5002WLCi (LX.A5105.157, LX.A5105.158, LX.A5105.321, LX.A5105.322, LX.A5105.490)
    • 5002WLMI (LX.A5105.204)
    • 5002WLMi (LX.A5105.031, LX.A5105.032, LX.A5105.119, LX.A5105.156, LX.A5105.163, LX.A5105.179, LX.A5105.186, LX.A5105.228, LX.A5106.001, LX.A5106.007, LX.A5106.008)
    • 5003WLCI (LX.A5105.482)
    • 5003WLMI (LX.A5105.586)
    • 5003WLMi (LX.A5105.407, LX.A5105.478, LX.A5105.480, LX.A5105.488, LX.A5105.584, LX.A5105.613, LX.A5105.681, LX.A5106.020)
    • 5003WMLi (LX.A5105.670, LX.A5105.671)
    • 5004WLMi (LX.A5105.062, LX.A5105.328, LX.A5105.511)

  • TravelMate 4000 Series (Model ZL1)

    • 2303LCi (LX.T5306.153)
    • 4000LCi (LX.T5305.124, LX.T5305.179, LX.T5305.180, LX.T5306.024, LX.T5306.025, LX.T5306.048)
    • 4000LMi (LX.T5205.292)
    • 4000WLCi (LX.T5305.126, LX.T5305.127, LX.T5305.202, LX.T5306.026, LX.T5306.027)
    • 4001LCi (LX.T5305.050, LX.T5305.052, LX.T5306.013, LX.T5306.016, LX.T5306.017, LX.T5306.023, LX.T5306.055)
    • 4001WLCi (LX.T5205.067, LX.T5305.049, LX.T5305.051, LX.T5305.101, LX.T5305.102, LX.T5305.103, LX.T5305.119, LX.T5305.130, LX.T5305.131, LX.T5305.236, LX.T5305.237, LX.T5306.003, LX.T5306.004, LX.T5306.010, LX.T5306.011, LX.T5306.012, LX.T5306.022, LX.T5306.030, LX.T5306.031, LX.T5306.057, LX.T5306.058)
    • 4001WLMi (LX.T5205.121, LX.T5306.053, LX.T5306.056)
    • 4002WLMi (LX.T5305.186, LX.T5305.187, LX.T5306.040, LX.T5306.041)
    • 4009LCi (LX.T5306.054)
    • 4011LCi (LX.T5205.087, LX.T5205.395, LX.T5205.396, LX.T5305.003)
    • 4021LCi (LX.T5305.007)

  • TravelMate 4500 Series (Model ZL1)

    • 4501LCi (LX.T5106.037, LX.T5106.041)
    • 4501WLCi (LX.T5106.040)
    • 4501WLMi (LX.T5006.003)
    • 4502LCi (LX.T5106.057, LX.T5106.097)
    • 4502LMi (LX.T5106.079, LX.T5106.109)
    • 4502WLMi (LX.T5006.202, LX.T5006.203)
    • 4504LMi (LX.T5106.112)
    • 4601LCi (LX.T5106.044, LX.T5106.047, LX.T5106.100)
    • 4601WLMi (LX.T5106.099)

Any other model that uses part numbers mentioned above.

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